Rhoades to Fitness
It's YOU vs. YOU

my first post…testing testing 1,2,3…

i’ll be using this blog to hopefully inspire a few people to get healthy and get active, by sharing some information about my own journey to health. i’ll be posting things i do to keep myself on track to better myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. every post is my own opinion i don’t believe there is one right. so if you disagree with me and my thoughts, i’m sorry, i’m glad we don’t all think the same and i really enjoy hearing others points of views. so feel free to share anytime. i just ask that you are nice about it. ;0)

since this is new to me, you will have to bare with me, because i have NO CLUE as to what i’m doing on here…at this point, i am BLOGtarded.

stay tuned…

i do have a delicious milkshake recipe if you click on recipe under pages.


6 Responses to “my first post…testing testing 1,2,3…”

  1. hey erin! excited about your new blog! it will be great! i need advice! can we email?


  3. YAY!

  4. welcome to blogland 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to follow along. Very clever name 😉

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