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MMMmmm OREO’s!

who doesn’t like an oreo cookie? actually myself i’d rather have an e.l. fudge but that’s not the point. why do you like oreo’s so much? and what makes an oreo so delish? its that yummy cream in the middle, OF COURSE! why is it so scrumptious? because it is the worst part for you. ok, erin, what’s the point. my point is…stay out of the middle. nothing in the middle is good for you.

when you go to the store, about 90% of your shopping needs to be done around the perimeter of the store. start with your fresh produce, work your way around to the fresh meat, and then into the dairy. anything in the center aisles are gonna most likely be high in fat, sodium, and definitely processed. it doesn’t take too much longer to throw together a fresh stir fry as it does to open a frozen box dinner, read the directions, punch some holes in the cellophane  and let the microwave cook you a small amount of veggies and tiny protein portion, thats full of sodium and a sauce thats made of sugar. you can leave that junk out and eat twice as much food, with more nutritional value.

the only things i go into the middle aisles for are my quaker oats, salsa, peanut butter and spices. or if i’m planning to eat bad and its the only time i go straight for the center aisles. make it a rule to stick to the outside and your buggy will be full with tons of nutritional fruits, veggies, and meats, that will fuel your body and make you a better you. if its in a box and has a label…be afraid! slowly put the box down and RUN!


3 Responses to “MMMmmm OREO’s!”

  1. First of many nice posts!

  2. I have NEVER considered that my shopping routine done in the perimeter of the store. How funny. And yep, like you, my center isle stuff is the same you have listed, Oatmeal and peanut butter. I’ll bet K-rogers doesn’t like shoppers like us.

  3. Very smart indeed.

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