Rhoades to Fitness
It's YOU vs. YOU

“You have more discipline than me….”

my reply…BULL!

i hate this excuse more than anything. i bet i get at least one email a week that says, “congratulations on your success! i wish i could do what you did but i just don’t have the discipline”. in my opinion, that is the biggest copout i have ever heard. i have no more “discipline” than the next person. the truth is…i just want it more! and that’s bottom line. i also hear, “i don’t have time”. well i say, MAKE IT! did you read my story? i woke up every morning for 6 months at 430am to do early morning cardio, because that’s what i had to do to get it done. i know women with 3 kids and a full time job that look better than me, and they work hard to get there and maintain what they have achieved.

everything in life is a choice. ask yourself these questions.

  1. is 30 minutes of extra sleep more important to me than being 30 lbs over weight?  MY ANSER: NO.
  2. am i REALLY too tired to go for an afternoon walk? MY ANSWER: NO.
  3. does it really take more time to make eggs and whole wheat toast or oats in the morning, than to sit in the long butt line at mcdonalds for a sausage biscuit? MY ANSWER: DEFINITELY NO

i can go on and on forever…what i like to do is always ask myself before i do anything, “erin, is it really worth?”

start making small changes today to better your health.. even baby steps eventually get you where you want to be.


2 Responses to ““You have more discipline than me….””

  1. look at you…bloogin queen!


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