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But it SAYS zero calories!

so i was at a fellow figure competitors house today (she shall remain nameless) and we were discussing diet and exercise. she had just cut up a piece of chicken and took the spray butter out of the fridge and sat down at the table. she then proceeds to unscrew the top of the “calorie free” butter and pours butter ALL over her chicken! i about passed out on the floor. after laughing for about 10 minutes we had a short discussion…

okay, people, the label may say zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sodium…but sit back and think about that just for one second…………had enough time? if it is truly zero calories then why have a serving size on the label? its because if you spray more than 5 sprays you will hit the 5 calorie mark and at that point the company can’t legally advertise “calorie free”. the same goes for cooking sprays…ITS OIL! oil has fat and calories. while at my friends i picked up their olive oil cooking spray and read the label. for zero calories you are only allowed to spray for 1/5th of a second. can you even count a 5th of a second? i can’t! so lets say you count “one mississippi” in your head while coating your nonstick skillet (which shouldn’t need cooking spray. but when someone actually finds me a nonstick skillet that works, you let me know. ANYWAYS). in that one second you can account for about 7-10 calories. and now lets get into calorie free sweetners. i like my splenda, it makes my oats oh so delish. but did you know that 1gram of splenda has 4 calories? grant it, 1 gram is about 1/4 a cup which is a lot of splenda (thats the bagged splenda, not the packets).

i’m not saying to stop using these products. i will continue to use them everyday. i’m just saying…DON’T BE FOOLED! the food industry is SNEAKY. and actually when i’m contest dieting i allow 50 calories in my daily diet for “extra calories”. these are the calories that i don’t account for, like spray butter, pam, splenda, MY GUM.  so if i’m allowed 1500 calories that day, i will take in 1450 in actual real food. i assure i’m getting that extra 50 calories in my diet for the day.

you know what…forget about remaining nameless… KARLEE BURI, i love you to death and thank you for the inspiration.


5 Responses to “But it SAYS zero calories!”

  1. Nice point, but on the butter was the serving size one spray or five sprays?

  2. bahhahaaaha!! i almost dropped to the floor when I read the first few sentences!! I have learned…let me bow down to you and thank you for the advice and lesson on that…too funny. but in all honesty i am just making little “sprays” on my food. i always ran out of that stuff to fast anyways by taking the top off lol. lesson learned chic! Can’t wait to read more of your blogs! See ya at the gym….morning cardio baby!!

  3. mmmm ezekial. sprouting perfection

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