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It's YOU vs. YOU

it’s not easy

i was watching the biggest loser tonight while doing my cardio, when i watched michael (the biggest guy the show has ever had) flip out! he was mad that he was STILL fat while everyone else looked tremendous. he wasn’t proud of what he had accomplished so far (losing 192 LBS!) bc he was constantly comparing himself to other people. he ended up quitting in the middle of his workout, walked out the door and  i heard him yell, “its’ not easy, it’s hard”. well, michael, you’re absolutely right in that statement. who ever said losing body fat was easy? its tiresome and sometimes even painful. sometimes we don’t see the results we want as quickly as we want. sometimes we just want pizza! going from what i once was to what i am today was the hardest thing i’ve EVER done….EVER! the thing is, i’ve always been active. i can never think of a time that i was a lazy kid. i played every sport, and never had an off season. i didn’t eat as much as my skinny friends did and yet i was still the fat friend. i’m gonna fight genetics my entire life. i WILL say, as i put on muscle my metabolism gets better, but its never gonna be awesome. i have to work a little harder than most to get a pound off. i realize that, and i don’t like it, but i will NEVER QUIT. so, it might take me 16-20 weeks of contest diet to get ready for a show, when another competitor that has the same amount of bodyfat to lose, it will only take them 12. its not fair, but neither of us will quit till we reach our goals. always keep in your head that mental picture of what you want to be. whether it takes you 3 months to get there or like me, 3 years. don’t stop…you will eventually be where you want. but DOOOOOOOO STOP comparing yourself to your friends and your family.

remember, its YOU vs YOU. no one can do the work for you. its up to you to get the work done and make the right decisions.


6 Responses to “it’s not easy”

  1. Love it Erin!! You are such a amazing woman! I feel very lucky to call you a friend!

  2. You go girl! Well said!

  3. you are sooo right Erin!!!!!! I hear so many people saying the same thing…… you have to look inside and be the person you are and want to be, not look like some one else. very hard to do in our society. i love ya girl!!!!! such an inspiration to all, and i am proud to call you a friend. muah!!!!

  4. If it were easy, everyone would be as hot as you!

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