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the REAL reward

i have two great chicas (what i call my fitness girl friends) driving 5 hours to paducah, ky to spend the weekend with me. i’m so full of excitement that i woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep. its 7am now and i’m regretting that action, but no worries. i’ll make it through this day, workouts, cleaning, staying up talking and laughing tonight.

now after all that shenanigans, here is why i’m writing this. i got into the sport of figure competing to prove something to myself. to become that person on the outside that has always been on the inside. what i didn’t expect to find a long the way, are some of the best people i’ve ever met. strong women and men and i don’t mean physical. physical is just a side affect of the mental strength it takes to be a competitor (whether thats competing on stage or just against yourself). i began this journey by getting help from julie lohre, and joining her fitbody team. our first meeting, i was scared to death. i expected cattiness and looks as if i didn’t belong there (remember i was not in the shape i am in now). but to my surprise, i found the most loving, accepting, and uplifting women i have ever met. each meeting we became closer as we shared with one another our personal stories. this is not a “team” sport, but you would never know it. while dieting together, posing together, exercising together, that day was gonna come that i would be on stage with some of my best friends and compete against them….that day did come. and again, we were right next to one another, back stage laughing, or on stage whispering through our biggest smiles “just breathe, you look great, you’re beautiful, nice lats”. if we didn’t win or even place, we wanted our friends to. THATS sportsmanship. not only did i meet these girls through my team, but backstage you connect with other women as well, women that touch your heart and you will never forget, and hopefully compete with again next season.

losing my weight, transforming my body, and gaining discipline and knowledge was the goal, and i reached it. but the REAL reward was the friendships i made along the way. not to mention i have met some pretty great fellers along this journey that have made a big impact in my life as well. (no i don’t call them my chicos).

a big thank you to these women and men in my life. i hope you know how much you mean to me. there’s no doubt in my mind that God put each of you in my life for a reason. and if you are a first time competitor, look forward to this experience and to meeting the people that are going to soon be a part of your life.



4 Responses to “the REAL reward”

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I wouldn’t want to keep competing nearly as much if I didn’t have a great support system of awesome women around me doing the same crazy stuff. Love you Erin!

  2. When I first began competing, I was on my own. I did not know any other women in the sport and as the years went by…contest after contest…I did get to know some of the women, but I saw them so rarely that we really could not bond. When I turned pro and began working with women I wanted to find a way to help women not only get into the best shape of their lives, but to walk on stage with the confidence of a seasoned competitor. I always try to take the guess work out so that competing can be a part of your life without taking over your whole life.

    This team has become so much more than just individuals striving toward the same trophy. The amazing women that I have had the honor of working with each have their own story. Their own struggles, hardships and their own victories. We all work hard, diet hard and so why should we not be able to celebrate each other’s success??? This is an individual sport but that does not mean you have to be alone. I can’t tell you how much it means to be able to do what I love and hear such wonderful comments about the team!

    Erin, you are an amazing and positive woman and I feel so blessed to get to work with you. Thank you for being part of my life! Love you! Julie

    • tear! i love you too jules! my heart is filled with so much joy from reading that i think it hurts a little bit. plus fonzi and laura are like 2 minutes away so i’m about to bust!!! ha. you’ve touched and helped change so many lives, jules. you are a blessing to so many. big hug!

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