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aye aye cap’n

its tuesday night, so what do you think i was doing? yep. watching the biggest loser. Daris (orange team) gained 2 lbs while he was home for 30 days and off the ranch. he fell off the wagon. this is my second encounter with that very subject in 2 days, so i took it as a sign. as i watched daris tonight get into the cabinet and confess to the camera, you could tell he was beating himself up over it. the other encounter i had just yesterday was also beating themselves up over it. trust me. its not the end of the world.

here’s the deal. we all do it. we work sooooo hard for so long to lose that body fat and sooner or later we’re gonna slip up. i don’t know anyone it hasn’t happened to. i was dieting for 25 weeks for my first show. i was allowed a some cheats my first 12 weeks, but then they were taken away. come SIX weeks out from my show, i couldn’t sleep one night and it was 2am. i was starving and veggies was the last thing i wanted, so i thought one spoonful of peanut butter wouldn’t hurt. that one, turned into about 4 big spoonfuls and THAT turned into half a box of Capn Crunch (dry). which believe me, i got my punishment the next day when my tongue and roof of my mouth were completely raw for 2 whole days. worse than the physical pain was the mental stress i was putting on myself over what i had done. but the next day though i was mad at myself, i didn’t throw in the towel, and continue with the crap food. i jumped right back on board with my healthy eating and exercise. i might have suffered from some sodium retention for a day or two but thats all. where daris went wrong, is that he continued to do it night after night instead of just moving on. so i’m gonna make this short and sweet. if you mess up one night, or a whole day, or a whole weekend, don’t dwell on it, don’t give up, just suck it up and move on. i promise it won’t be the last time it happens. and if you aren’t getting on stage, don’t completely deprive  yourself of the foods you love. when i’m not getting ready for stage or a photoshoot, believe me i’ll be enjoying 1-2 cheat meals a week. plan them, and when the meal is over, you are back on track. a piece of advice. make that meal at night so you can start new the next day. i find if i eat cracker barrel pancakes for breakfast, i’ll eat bad the whole day. but thats me. you know yourself and what you mentally can handle.

if you have fallen off the wagon, and this blog is speaking to you…what are you waiting for? take my hand. i’m pulling you back on board!


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