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I Love My Salt Grinder

While traveling to Florida this past week, my salt grinder almost got confiscated at security during bag check. I would have been super sad if they took it from me. What did they think was gonna happen? I was gonna grind salt into the pilots eyes and then hijack the plane? Anyway, I plead my case and the man put it back in my cooler and let me proceed.  After the incident I had many ask, “you pack a salt grinder with you” or better yet, “you use salt? i thought you were on a diet?”. In response, I say YES YES YES, to both questions. Number one, I use sea salt, which is different from regular table salt, and most places only offer the table salt variety. Secondly, I’m not trying to lose water, I’m trying to lose body fat. Water, I can lose in a weeks period, FAT takes longer. TURDly, sea salt provides major benefits to your body! Especially when working out.

The difference in table salt and sea salt: major difference is the mineral composition. Table salt is stripped of almost all minerals during the refining process, the end product being 99.9% sodium chloride. Sea salt is composed of 98% sodium chloride, leaving 2% to being made up of around 80 important minerals, including magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium…bc of this it has a slightly different taste. Which I prefer.

Some benefits of sea salt, include, regulating blood pressure, reduce the aging of skin, removes acidity from the body, regulates sleep and blood sugar levels. There are more but I want to touch on my main reasons for KEEPING salt in my diet on a regular basis. Sea salt helps maintain your electrolyte levels, which is important for everyday body functions, and gives you strength and energy. Very important for a healthy and active lifestyle. It also prevents muscle cramping and improves muscle tone. And lets not forget my FAVORITE reasoning for using salt. It makes my food taste good. Do you think pizza would taste good without salt? OOOOORR steak? Nope. Neither do my hard boiled eggs, broccoli, or oatmeal. Yes I said oatmeal. Do you know why butter tastes so good in oats and on toast? Because butter, unless unsalted, has salt in it. The salt in the butter is what makes most peoples oatmeal taste good. So instead of adding a TBS of fatty butter, just add a pinch of sea salt. Has no calories and its good for you!

THAT is why I LOVE MY SALT (sea salt) GRINDER!


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