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mental and spiritual strength

My blog name says “rhoades to fitness”, but more important than physical fitness in my life, is mental and spiritual fitness. I could have wonder woman strength, but what good is that gonna do me in the long run? Is physical health and strength important? By all means, YES! But it’s not my number one priority in life. I need to be physically healthy to be the best me I can be, and to fulfill God’s will in my life. I’m just writing this and letting you all know that I won’t be talking about just how to achieve the perfect body. Number one, my goal is NOT the perfect body, but the perfect body for ME! What’s going on inside is what is most important in my life. I will probably have a lot blogs about what God has put on my heart. I give Him the glory for where He has brought me in my physical and mental/spiritual journey thus far. I could apologize to those who are ONLY looking for food ideas, weight loss tips, exercise ideas…etc. But I’m not going to. You don’t have to read anything I write, but I really hope that if you have been reading my posts that you will continue. I’m still gonna post about nutrition and exercise, but I know the other things that are on my heart, people need to hear as well. That’s all for now. It’s getting late and I have an early morning. Love you all.


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