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Light Pole Intervals

are you tired of endless cardio sessions on the treadmill? running and running and yet you are still in the same place you started! how depressing is that? good grief, charlie brown! its gorgeous outside right now. get outside and enjoy your fitness. this is one thing i like to do to cure my ho-hum cardio blues.

my street is great for cardio. if yours is not, then go find one near by. first of all, drive your car and map out a half mile from your starting point. i’m not a lover of watches. (let me take that back. i love them to accessorize with an outfit but i let all the batteries die) anyway, since i can’t time this i use light poles as my markers. this is all you do. start at one light pole and sprint to the next pole. once you get there, walk to the next, then sprint to the next, then walk, sprint, walk….until you reach that half mile. at that point, turn around and do the same going back. that’s one mile, DONE! depending on your cardio needs and how fast you are, depends on how many miles you need to complete. for about 30 minutes of HIIT i need to do about 2.5 miles. i get slower the longer i go.

so get off the treadmill, enjoy the sun, do some kick butt cardio, and wear a sleeveless shirt and get a tan. ITS A TWO-FOR deal!

my answers for todays jeopardy were as follows: hog, the hangover, skunk, and mononucleosis. thats FOOUR. i’m getting better yall!


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