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Can you be on a strict diet and exercise program and be away from your kitchen and gym and not be miserable and actually enjoy yourself? AND even drop weight? Why YES you can! Here is how I did it!

With more food packed than clothes, I set out on Wednesday morning for Northern Ky. About 2 hours into my trip I made my first stop where I stuck a bowl of pre measured oats in a gas station microwave while I took a restroom break. I grabbed a coffee and took 5 hard boiled eggs out of my cooler and had my had my breakfast on the road. Two hours later I stopped again and had more eggs and started on the last 1.5 hours of my trip. 5 and half hours later, I arrived at a friends fitness studio, Keep it Tight Fitness in Cincinnati, OH, to get my sweat on. I mean that literally. Keep it Tight is a women’s only club, that teaches group fitness and personal training. I joined my friend, Johnnie, for their hot power lunch class. Its a 30 minute class given during the lunch hour, that consists of high intensity calisthenics in a 90 degree heated room. We were drenched with sweat. After our workout, me, Johnnie, and Melissa (owner) headed to BD’s mongolian grill to refuel. Yes, I eat out on diet, not often when at home, but I know the places I trust to meet my specific diet needs. BD’s is a stir fry restaurant. You can make it horrible for you or healthy. I chose chicken and shrimp as my protein, with broccoli, sprouts, mushroom, bok choy, and chives, and chose lite soy as my sauce. When they cooked it I asked for them to use water instead of oil (which we watched them cook so we knew they weren’t sneaking any bad stuff in or spitting in our food). They also give you the choice of brown or white rice, but we opted to skip out on both. That night I met up with one of my very best fellow fitness gals, Jenna. We played soccer and baseball with her boy outside and then AGAIN headed OUT to eat at outback! this is another good choice for someone trying to eat healthy and still enjoying going out. They now have the option on their menu to get your meat cooked light. Its only seasoned with salt and pepper and and no oils or butter and fire grilled to perfection. I chose a 6 oz sirloin, with a double side of steamed veggies with no butter. (they offer sea salt grinders at the table, not regular table salt. i love outback).  The night ended with turkey before bed.

thursday: After breakfast at Jennas and an awesome errand I got to run with her, I met my friend Marci (who drove over and hour to come see me) at Joe Daniels kettlebell studio “Swing This Studio”, in Latonia, Ky. We didn’t work anything specific that day, but played with a 50 foot heavy rope, swung some bells, threw some medicine balls, and hula hooped with a weighted hoop. We kept our hearts thumping for an entire hour, just having fun! Not to mention another fitness friend joining us as well. (love my “little one”, shes looking phenomenal). After our fun time at Joe’s awesome studio, Marci and I headed to first watch to meet Jenna for lunch. If you’ve never been to a first watch you have to go. Again, caters to health nuts, or people you may be with who don’t care what they put in their body. (remember because it says, TURKEY burger, of WHOLE GRAIN pancakes, doesn’t make it good for you). I had an egg white omelete, with mushrooms, onions, green chiles, and salsa, with a side of strawberries and blueberries. So yummy! After departing from my friends (so sad) I headed to whole foods to buy some pink sea salt (have to try it) and buy my, little fonzarella (rachel fazzalaro), her lunch to take to work the next day. (brown rice sushi. it rocks!) After that, I headed to pick up Fonzi from work and we headed back to Keep It Tight for a bikini bootcamp. we were 5 minutes late for the class due to traffic which I was glad for. Minus the 8 minutes we missed in the beginning, the 52 minutes we spent nonstop moving totally kicked my butt. I’m not used to that kind of training. Let me tell you, after an hour at Joes kettle bell studio and an hour at bikini bootcamp, it’s 3 days later and I’m still hurting. Anyway, after that grueling session, it was time to refuel again, and we headed once again to BD’s, where we met our friend Michelle. We asked for 2 bowls to feel up with extra veggies. We all but licked our plates clean! Watch out boys when us girls are hungry!  The night ended with egg whites before bed.

Friday: Arose at 430am and was at the gym with Fonzi by 5. We were beasts, lifting back and bi’s, and left the gym an hour and half later already hurting. I still had two full days of being away from home ahead of me and I was traveling to Indy (2 hours away), my cooler was empty so i headed to Kroger to repack it. I went by the deli and bought a pound of boarshead 42% less sodium oven roasted chicken breast (2oz is 60 cals. 13g protein. .5g fat. 0 carbs and sugars). Also in my cart was a dozen egglands best, 2 jars of sugar free gherkin pickles, and zoo pal plates to eat off when I drive and in the hotel room. I hard boiled the eggs, and measured my chicken out into 4oz bags, bought a powerade lemon lime zero and hit the road. I stopped an hour later to make oats and eat chicken (awesome!). I arrived in Indy to help Marilyn Spatola with Liquid Sunrayz spray tanning, for the GNC classic bodybuilding/figure/bikini show. Again we ate out, and I ordered a dry chicken breast and two sides of veggies, with no butter. Ended the night with egg whites and pickles.

Saturday: I only lift 4 days a week so my weekends I don’t have to worry with the gym. (please give your bodies rest time people). We worked at the GNC show. I expedited the spray tanning while Marilyn and Lindsey sprayed. I got to meet some wonderful people and watch a great show. It was very motivating to see the hard work each competitor had put in. After prejudging I hit the road for a 5.5 hour drive back to Paducah, and stuck perfectly to diet, with eggs, oats, chicken, and pickles. It was very nice when I got home that night and had a hot meal. Ended the night with egg whites and PASSED out!

Sunday: Awoke this morning and did my weekly weigh in. I lost a pound since last sunday and dropped .5% body fat. I did all this with a crazy week of nonstop traveling and I had fun while doing it! Oh and again, went to outback today after church haha. My mom was leaving town so we wanted to spend time together. They gave me a bad steak so they fixed that and gave my mom a free bowl of soup (i couldn’t have it, but she says the chicken tortilla soup is delish) but they boxed me up an entire to go box of steamed veggies for tonight’s dinner of home grilled mahi mahi! Moral of this story. Dieting and leading a healthy lifestyle is doable and enjoyable in any situation. I don’t wanna hear excuses, everything in life is a choice. Choose wisely!

PS: BIG HUMONGOUS HUGS to Melissa and Johnnie at Keep it Tight fitness. Your studio is awesome and the Chocolate pb2 rocks. Another BIG SUPER STRONG HUG to Joe Daniels at Swing This Studio, you have something great going on and I love my new tee! Loves to all my girls that spent time with me and paid for lunches and put a smile on my face. AND ANYONE doing an upcoming show. If Liquid Sunrayz is spraying there, take advantage of Marilyn’s awesome color and warm heart. She is wonderful and worth every penny. You WON’t be sorry. Anyone visiting the N. KY area, please check out Keep it Tight and Swing This. Its a fitness experience of a lifetime.  And congratulations to Jason and Stephaney Theobald. Jason took his class and Steph took 2nd at the GNC classic! woo hoo!


2 Responses to “F to the 3rd”

  1. Hey honey bun! I found your blog, yay! I was so nice to see you. I have missed you. You look awesome, I am so proud of you. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I am looking forward to more “surprise” visits from you (thanks Joe, for not spilling the beans). You are awesome and all your dedication to wise choices has paid off………Love ya girl. “Little One”

  2. great post (and memory erin) i wish i had the memory to post my last 4 days! thanks for stopping by great to see you as always and thanks for the shout out!

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