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to my bff’s

I once had someone tell me that you will only have one MAYBE two real friends in a lifetime, and all the others that we say are our friends are only acquaintances. I also had someone tell me once, that the friends I had in high school would fade away and that I’ll find my true soul mates later and that I will lose touch with my old friends. I’m typing this blog right now, proving both these people wrong. I have well more than two people in my life, that I know would have my back and be there for me in any situation. I call these people my friends, and not my acquaintances. Also, I’m here to tell you right now, that I may not talk everyday with my friends from high school, but they are a special breed. Though we all have separate lives these day, some with families, and we live hundreds of miles apart, I still get messages or calls or cards, just saying I love you. We know deep in our hearts we’re all the same girls we used to be and love one another as we did 10 years ago.

I had lunch with a friend today. One i hadn’t spent much time with in the past 10 years, but in those two hours we were together, conversation flowed and I was so at ease, just as if we talked everyday. Those are the kinds of friendships that make me smile everyday. I’m just here right now to remind everyone to keep your friendships healthy, because there is nothing like the love you feel from a good friendship, and that friendship can be within a marriage as well. My mom and dad were best friends before they got married (aawwwww how cute). seriously, I want that too, bc i’ve seen my friendships last through some big tests, and if  friendship is at the base of any relationship, then I believe you are in good shape.

Take today and tell your friends how much you love an appreciate them. I don’t think its said enough. and tell God thanks for giving them to you.

So to all my best buds, I love you and thank God for you everyday. you warm my heart and put a big smile on my face daily!



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  1. I wish you could hit “like” on a blog. 🙂

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