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skip the sauce

The last time I ate at outback, I ran into a lady I know. I stopped to say hi at her table and her knowing that I MOST of the time am really concious about what I eat, found the need to say, “look, Erin, you would be proud, I ordered something healthy. I’ve been trying to lose weight”. As I looked at her plate I saw grilled chicken…smothered in bbq sauce. aka, grilled chicken on the barbie. I smiled and said, “good luck on your journey, you can do it. I gotta get going, my table is waiting on me”.  I smiled and went on. We were all out to have a nice dinner and not for a lecture on a healthy food choice.

Grilled chicken is a great choice for a healthy protein, but you add sugary sauce on top and you might as well have eaten a king size snicker. I looked up the calorie content a little later and for the chicken alone it had 443 calories. She also had vegetables which is great, but if you don’t ask for it without the butter it adds another 142 calories. Grand total 556 calories, and actually for dinner that’s not a bad total, but you should look at where your calories are coming from. The veggies alone, if asked for without butter, you will save 100 calories at your meal and 10 grams of fat, making your side 42 calories and .5 fat. Which in my opinion is just as good without the butter. The chicken has 50 grams of protein. There are 4 calories in every gram of protein, so doing the math, just the chicken alone should be 200 calories. Subtract that from the 443 and you are having another 243 calories and 12 fat grams in sugary bbq sauce and butter. I myself would rather skip the sauce and share a piece of carrot cake for dessert, if i was gonna take in those calories. I know not everyone eats like I do, and I don’t eat like this 100% of the time, but if you are truly wanting results in fat loss you should do some research about what you’re actually putting into your body. The fat could virtually be eliminated in that meal by leaving off the butter and sauce, the carbs would be cut from 32 to 10 (coming only from fibrous veggies), and your calories would be cut in half, which means more food throughout the day (yay! hungry girls gotta eat). Food that will fuel your body and not harm your body. If you are gonna eat out, research the menu. MOST restaurants now offer nutritional information. When in doubt, order chicken, fish, sirloin or filet. Ask for it with not butter or seasonings and asked for steamed veggies, again dry. Mustard is a great add on of flavor when eating out. If you think you will just DIE if you don’t have the bbq of jack daniels sauce, then order it on the side, dip your FORK in the sauce and eat it that way. This method will probably save you from consuming more than half of the sauce if it was poured on the top.

don’t forget:

CALORIES ARE GOOD. you need them for survival, for energy, and yes to LOSE weight. there is such thing as taking in too little, even when on a diet. FAT IS GOOD. good fats, get them from whole eggs, fish, nuts, fruit and veggie oils. CARBS ARE GOOD. but don’t get them from sugar. eat whole grain, fruits and vegetables. HAPPY EATING EVERYBODY!


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