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you must be confused…

the dry cleaners is down the street. The GYM is not a stop for spot treating!

Twice this week I went to the gym and while warming up I witnessed something that drives me crazy. The same two women did this two days in a row…got off the treadmill, and walked down to the inner and outter thigh machines. One woman did inner, while the other did outter, and after about OHHHH 50-75 reps non stop, they switched machines, did another 50-75, and repeated that one more time. Then they got up, went over to the upright weighted crunch and oblique machines, did about 10 reps, switched, then headed to the locker room to grab their stuff and left.  TWO DAYS! SAME THING! SAME WOMEN!

I know what they were thinking…”i hate my saddle bags and i hate my muffin top”. Well, I HATE to tell them what they just did isn’t gonna do a darn thing to help, but it’s true. Okay, I take that back, moving is great, at least they didn’t spend ALL day in front of a tv or a computer. But if they are truly wanting to rid themselves of the extra adipose tissue that has accumulated on their lower half, they need to reevaluate their method of attack. Number one, losing body fat is 100% diet. I will go as far to say that you can lose fat without ever doing more than normal everyday things, and never lifting a weight or stepping on a cardio machine if you are eating the right amount of calories and the right foods. But exercising is the number one tool to speed up the process and keep you in tip top shape. It is very important! So if your diet is crappy, get used to the way you look. Number two, if you can consecutively do 50-75 reps non stop then you may need to add an extra plate…or 7. I would venture to say you should never be able to complete over 20 in one set and if you want to build muscle 12 should be a max and repeat that 3 to 4 times.

Don’t forget that the more muscle you have, the more calories are burned daily when your body is at complete rest…so work EVERY muscle you have! That doesn’t just go for the ladies. I see every big bellied man in the gym doing crunch after crunch, and every week they come back looking the exact same. So for the men who never do cardio, you may wanna think about elevating that heart rate a little.

Do these four things and repeat.

  • eat clean
  • build muscle
  • MOVE! elevate that heart rate
  • rest

ps. ladies, the hips are the very last thing to go. our bodies like to lose head to toe. it sucks, but it’s a fact. stick with it and you’ll get the results you want.


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