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no excuses here

for those of you that don’t know, it appears that i have a stress fracture in the metarsals of my right foot. it was very painful and now i am sporting a big black walking boot to keep the pressure off. three times since i have had the cast, i’ve walked in the gym and a comment has been made from someone walking out “you sure are disciplined” and nodding at my boot. in response, i just say, “its just a fracture, nothing i can’t work around.” i guess to many people this would be a reason to do nothing more than sit on the couch for a month. I on the other hand have goals to meet by the end of this week and i can’t stop. plus, its my foot, i’m not in a freakin coma. i can move every part of my body perfectly except for the new frankenstein walk that i have developed…its very attractive. i’ve had to stop a lot of cardio, but i still lift everything and take no breaks to keep my HR elevated, even including legs.

please, don’t be an excuse maker. if you say you want something, then you do all you can in your power to make that happen. don’t let a few speed bumps get in your way. just buy a truck and run right over those suckers. if there’s a will there’s a way. i believe that with all my heart. now off to pack for my crazy weekend.

live strong, folks!


3 Responses to “no excuses here”

  1. it’s my foot,, i’m not in a freakin comma.. hahahahahaha! it’s all true!

  2. well definitely not a comma, but not a coma either.. 🙂

  3. i thought i fell into a comma once, luckily it was just a pile of rope. actually it looked like an ampersans….. lol erin i hope you can enjoy the Swing This party this friday!! hope your foot is better soon. if it makes you feel better i think i have a bone bruise or small fracture in left forearm. i have been resting . really i have.

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