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have you ever heard the phrase “Bo Knows”? well i don’t think sooooo…wanna know how knows? JOE KNOWS!!!!! JOE DANIELS AT SWING THIS STUDIO THAT IS….

five days! starting about 2 hours after working out at “swing this studio” in latonia, i couldn’t even cut my steak…which was very tender to begin with. my sore body lasted from friday night all the way till tuesday. functional training with joe daniels is an exercise experience of a lifetime. i’ve never met someone who cares so much about their each individual client and he’s the smartest trainer i know. “the master of muscle manipulation”. i wished i lived closer so i could train at his studio at least once a week. i can’t imagine the good that would happen to my body, just incorporating this type of training into my routine just once a week. do not miss an opportunity to train at swing this. i’m hooked and can’t wait to go back in two. i promise, if you hate it, i’ll pay for your session.

oh and its fun too! can’t get better than that. keep up they work joe. i learn something new every time i train with you.


8 Responses to “FUNctional TRAINING WITH JOE DANIELS”

  1. now this almost puts a tear in my eye!!!. thank you erin very much. im happy that you had a great time AND could not cut your steak. werent you supposed to eat sushi anyhow?

  2. no i was with a pregnant friend! maybe next time. eating with my fingers in one bites will be easier!

  3. I want to go!! Where is it? I will go with you Erin!

  4. 14 East Southern Ave
    LAtonia, KY 41015

    do you even think I can make your shoulder BETTER than they already are Shala?? im honored.

  5. I totally agree! Thanks for the awesome recommendation! That’s where r girls fitness vaca started tonight. I didn’t even realize that 2 hrs had lapsed. But I’m feeling it now! Awesome awesome that’s all I can say! My first experience with kettlebells, I think I might b hooked!

  6. […] train with Kbells properly.  Also a highlight of the week (as always )  was when my good friend Erin Rhoades stopped by Thurs and Fri  for  some  SHOULDER SLAUGHTER and LEG BLASTING.  She brought along […]

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