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I went for a walk today…

August 27, 2010

…not for exercise but because I was cold. I slipped on my vibram 5 finger shoes because I like to feel the earth under my feet…as I stepped outside I immediately felt the sun touch my skin and I thought…GOD IS GOOD! Being by myself I started to reflect upon on my day, week, year, […]

Lying Leg Curls

August 26, 2010

Just an exercise tip: today was leg day and i ended my session with lying leg curls. me and my good friend Brenda were talking about this a couple of weeks ago so i thought i’d share… to properly execute and fire those hamstrings, really focus on keeping your feet loose during the full motion […]

Julie Lohre’s Figure & Bikini Contest Prep Camp

August 24, 2010

This camp is a must for the Figure and Bikini competitors competing this fall. The fall figure and bikini competitions are quickly approaching. You diet and train hard for months to bring your best package to the stage, but PRESENTING what you have worked so hard for is just as important and I can’t stress […]

EAT PRAY LOVE: movie review

August 14, 2010

I promised a few people a review, so here it is. I absolutely loved this movie. Although there were only 5 male bodies in the theater, I wouldn’t classify “Eat Pray Love” as a chick flick. It’s simply a story of life and a true story of a woman who went off in search of […]


August 12, 2010

question! would you shoot a basketball without focusing on the hoop and where you want it to go before releasing it? or would you fill out a multiple choice test without reading and focusing on the question before answering? of course not. that would be stupid and the end result…FAIL! well, the same thing applies […]