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question! would you shoot a basketball without focusing on the hoop and where you want it to go before releasing it? or would you fill out a multiple choice test without reading and focusing on the question before answering? of course not. that would be stupid and the end result…FAIL! well, the same thing applies to lifting weights.

do you ever walk in the gym and mindlessly go through the motions just to get done quick and leave? in my opinion, you’re wasting your time. today was leg day for me. i was on the hack squat machine and between sets i was looking at the picture on the equipment. the muscular skeleton in the picture showed that this machine is used as a quadricep exercise. well, i didn’t want to use my quads. in fact, i barely felt it in the front of my legs at all, because in my opinion there is no better exercise than the hack squat machine to really fire up the upper part of my glutes. during each rep i really focused on pushing through my heels and contracting my glutes to push the sled back up to the top. wow, could i feel it and i’m really gonna feel it tomorrow. another good example is when i took a physical test for the local fire department. to begin the test i had to walk on a stepmill for 3 minutes and 20 seconds with 75lbs on my shoulders. i watched many men and women give out and fall off the machine. determined for this not to happen to me, i watched the time and every 30 seconds i would switch from using my quads to push myself up, to using my glutes, making sure that one muscle group was not doing all the work and causing my muscles to fail me.

the mind muscle connection is a powerful tool to use to make sure that you are getting the most out of your gym time. next time you’re in the gym, get your mind in the right place, and execute every rep with good form and think about that muscle that is either pulling or pushing the weight and feel that muscle contract. if you wanted, you could probably work your bicep while using the leg extension…KIDDING! in all seriousness, if you can make this connection with your body, your results will start to soar!



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