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EAT PRAY LOVE: movie review

I promised a few people a review, so here it is.

I absolutely loved this movie. Although there were only 5 male bodies in the theater, I wouldn’t classify “Eat Pray Love” as a chick flick. It’s simply a story of life and a true story of a woman who went off in search of answers. In Italy she learned “Dolce Far Niente”, which in english means, the sweetness of doing nothing. I have no problem with doing nothing as most of my friends and family can tell you about me. Instead of that beautiful italian phrase, I just call it “erin time”. Its waking up slow, staying in your PJ’s, sipping coffee, and reading a book. Sometimes its okay to do that all day. I think we always feel that we have to be doing something, because well, something always needs to be done. You know what? It will be there an hour from now or even tomorrow, but slow down and enjoy life. In India, she learns to forgive herself. This is something I struggled with for a very long time. We make mistakes in life and without them we would never learn, but why we never get past these things in our past is because we never forgave ourselves. We never said, it’s okay, what’s done is done, I’ve done all I can, I won’t repeat that same mistake, and now i’m gonna move on. It took me two years once, but the release that you get when you finally let go is indescribable. Finally in Bali, she learns balance and how to love herself. Without loving yourself, you can’t give love to someone else.

I’ve walked out of many movies thinking, I wished I’d waited to rent that. But I actually stood up during the credits and said, that was worth 8.25 and staying till 1 am writing a review for (ha). One of the 5 males in the theater was in my group, and he enjoyed it too. Lets not forget to mention the wonderful Julia Roberts who is just a tremendous actress. She did a great job. If you were even contemplating the thought of seeing this movie, then go ahead and do it. I really don’t think you’ll be sorry.

oh one more lesson learned. Every person that you are privileged to meet in life, think of them as a teacher, bc you have something to learn from each one of them. I never traveled further than ky in this past year, but I indeed have learned much from the people I have met this past year of my life. Who needs to travel across the world? Have an adventure of your own right now, and be open to meeting new people. It’s a great way to live life.


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