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Julie Lohre’s Figure & Bikini Contest Prep Camp

This camp is a must for the Figure and Bikini competitors competing this fall.

The fall figure and bikini competitions are quickly approaching. You diet and train hard for months to bring your best package to the stage, but PRESENTING what you have worked so hard for is just as important and I can’t stress it enough. I’ve seen many competitions and at each, I’ve seen women walk out with grace, confidence and posing that accentuates their best qualities. While at the same competition, I’ve also seen women with no smiles, rushing through their presentations and not hitting their poses in the way that would best impress the judges.

I can tell you from personal experience that there is no way I would ever had walked on stage at my first competition without the help of IFBB Pro Julie Lohre and attending her mock competition camp. At the beginning of the camp you are taught the mandatory poses from Julie herself and she also helps you find your best relaxed pose to present for your body type, and believe me I tried about 4-5 before I found the one that looked best on me. After practicing the poses, and going over what to expect that day, from makeup and spraytan, to eating and pumping up, a mock competition is then held where quarter turns are called and each person individually gets to present their presentation in front of the other competitors. This part of the camp is what helped me the most. It gives you that taste of what it is REALLY like to step out on stage, and that is so important. I’m not gonna lie and if this is your first time to compete, walking out on stage can be horrifying. But attending Julies camp gives you confidence to walk out on that stage and present your very best package. Yes its still a little nerve racking but I can only imagine what it would have been like, had I not attended this camp. On top of every thing you learn from the camp about competing, you also meet many new and seasoned competitors who are going through your same fears and enjoyments of the entire process. The friendships you make is just a bonus. Julie is the most knowledgeable person I have met when it comes to posing and knowing what looks best for your body. This falls camp is going to be held September 18, located near Cincinnati Ohio. There are limited spaces available so for those of you competing this fall or even those of you who are thinking about competing one day and want an idea of what competitions are all about, then I highly recommend attending Julie’s camp this fall. I promise you will have a blast and will never have felt more comfortable at your next show. For more information about the camp and contacting Julie go to her site here   http://www.julielohre.com/Blog/Figure-Contest-Prep/NPC-Figure-Bikini-Mock-Competition.htm

You eat to win, Train to Win, now lets POSE to Win. Hope to see some of you great women there.


4 Responses to “Julie Lohre’s Figure & Bikini Contest Prep Camp”

  1. Thanks so much Erin! The camp is one of my favorite projects of the year and the goal really is to help women walk on stage at their actual show with confidence, grace and all of the info they need to be at their best. Can’t wait to see all of the women there Sept 18th! And with you and Michelle Yatsuk assisting, it is bound to be the best camp yet!

  2. Erin, you are so right!! If it wasn’t for Julie, I would never had any idea what to do on the stage!! The mock competition and camp was one of the BEST experiences of my life!! And as a bonus,I made LIFE-LONG friends, like you!! Loves!! “Tall Girl”

  3. I am so excited to help out with Julie’s Contest Prep Camp once again!!!! Like Erin, this camp helped me tremendously in my own contest prep a few years ago. As a fellow competitor, words can not express just how beneficial this camp is in preparing you to get on stage. You will just have to come check it and see for yourself. I promise you will leave this camp feeling more prepared and confident then ever to walk on stage. Not only that, you will meet some amazing women who all have the same passion for fitness as you! Hope to see you there!

  4. Ah yes, Tall Girl, the camp is where we met and hit it off! i remember like it was yesterday. See, Jules, you brought me and Christine together! Michelle, I’m so happy you’re gonna be there. Of course, I’ll see you on the 10th, maybe the 11th, and the 17th. You may be sick of me by the camp. ;0)

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