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stupid strong shoulder day

Today’s workout with meals:

730 am: 45 minute low intensity steady state walk outside (it was gorgeous and its great prayer time!). followed by a delishes cup of coffee.

9 am meal 1: 4 extra large egg whites plus one whole egg (over medium the ONLY way to eat a whole egg). 1/2 c oats made with splenda, 1tsp cinnamon and sea salt with 6g toasted walnuts (i burned my first batch and set off the alarm) supplemented with 2 one a day vitamin gummies, 2 calcium pills, and 3 efa (scivation)

1230pm meal 2: 3oz turkey with sour kraut on a flax oat bran pita. 200g honey crisp apple (almost sliced my finger off but i believe today i was indestructible)

1pm supplements: 1 scoop vpx anarchy and 3 scoops scivation xtend

130pm gym: warm up with 15lb dumbbells to loosen up.

  • seated dumbbell shoulder press with 40’s. 4 sets of 8-10 reps. supersetted with lying leg lifts. (35’s were all time best)
  • standing upright rows wide grip. 4 sets of 10-12 reps with 82 lbs (2 weeks ago i was doing 72lbs) supersetted with ball crunches
  • seated lateral raises (machine). 4 sets 9-11 reps 65 lbs (4 weeks ago 50lbs) supersetted with inner outter thigh machines
  • incline lying rear delt raises. 4 sets 10-12 reps 20lbs dumbbells (last week 17.5lbs) supersetted with 45lb plate front raises for 8-10 reps
  • ended with one arm kettlebell presses with a 35lb kb. laddered down. 10, 10. 9,9. 8,8. 7,7. 6,6. 5,5. 4,4. 3,3. 2,2. 1, 1. no rest….still feeling strong i went back to repeat 10 more on each arm…i’m spent.

3pm PWO: 17g whey shake while i drove with the windows down and mapped out a 35 mile bike ride (doing it saturday)

4pm meal 3: 5oz grass fed beef, 6oz sweet potato, 2 cups broccoli

6pm meal 4: another turkey on low carb pita with a vanilla carbmaster, 8oz unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 1.5tbs of sugar free butterscotch instant pudding made into a shake.

9pm meal 5: 5oz ground turkey 3 cups broccoli. supplemented with 3 scoops of scivation xtend and 3 efa’s.

12pm meal 6 (bedtime): 2 scoops vanilla beverly UMP with 12g PB2 made into a pudding

I’ve been training for strength and muscle gain for 10 months now. I recently this past weekend went to see julie and the results of my body comp showed a 10 lb gain in lean mass. and strength has been going up progressively as well. today was extremely good. i don’t know if i account it to last nights cheat of sushi and pb m&m’s (YESSSS!) or the high i still had from my awesome weekend in northern ky, or the fact that a friend had me laughing all morning and i was just high on life. whatever it was, it felt awesome! i’m hoping for another good day tmr. i start contest prep for the northern at the beginning of november and my goals are to maintain my strength and muscle while coming in at my personal best. i think it can be done! i KNOW it can be done.

love to all the people who have made me so happy this past week! you all rock.


6 Responses to “stupid strong shoulder day”

  1. You rock, Erin!!!! You have definitely put on some nice muscle and your strength is amazing! You look great now and will look amazing on stage at your next competition! It was so great to hang out and spend time with you!!!

  2. Thanks, Chica! I will be sure to bring the Erin Swagger!

  3. Doing this workout today at the gym here in Philly. (with lower weights of course)
    You rock Erin! Love ya!

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