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awkward moment…

this is totally being categorized under “random” in my blog.

so i was just at the store, making a honey crisp apple run and i was checking out when the cashier said, ” FOUR ZERO TWO”. i stood their a moment thinking she was putting in the honey crisp apple code or something, so i stood there humming out loud whatever was on the radio before i came in. and then she looked me in my eyes and repeated “FOUR ZERO TWO”. i in return, raised my eyebrows, and asked, “what?”….”your total is FOUR ZERO TWO ($4.02)”, she said…smileless. “ohhhhh. FOUR-OH-TWO.” i said back, as i reached in my wallet and pulled out a 20 dollar bill and 2 pennies and handed it to the lady…”out of, TWENTY ZERO TWO.” she pulled out $16 dollars and placed it in my hand…again, smileless, “have a nice day”…”you too”. and i walked out the door.

now, i was a rebellious child and unlike my valedictorian sister AND cousins, i did NOT watch sesame street or mr. rogers! tiny toons? yes. teenage mutant ninja turtles? shyeah!  jem and the holograms? most definitely, she was ‘truly outrageous’. and i’m sure somewhere in those years i missed the lesson that taught us, when you are saying a NUMBER that looks like this…’0′ you say “zero”, and when you say the LETTER that looks like this ‘O’ you say “oh”…so i’m just wondering, am i just an educated ky girl that should have spent more time with big bird than outside throwing a softball on the roof? or has our local grocery store been taken over by robots? do others speak like she? that brief minute of my life might rank at the top 5 most awkward moment ever…ok, thats all.


2 Responses to “awkward moment…”

  1. havent nzeroticed it at all in my travels arzeround the wzerorld.

  2. I would have said four-oh-two.

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