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“Just one bite won’t hurt”

How many of ya’ll have heard this statement ?  You’re at a family function, or a get together with friends. Cakes, cookies, fried foods, cheeses, chips and dips are everywhere you look. You are trying to make the healthy choices and sticking to the veggie tray, or if you are anything like me, you walked through the door with a glad container of broccoli and turkey and everyone gets mad at you because you ruined the nice aroma with your broccoli stench! (whatever!)…back to subject. Next thing you know, every person in the room is saying…”why are you eating that?” “just one cookie won’t ruin your diet” “why don’t you live a little?”. My answers…”because I don’t want to be fat again, and it tastes good. plus, broccoli fights against cancer and provides my body with more calcium than a glass of milk. do you feel smarter now?” “you’re right. one cookie won’t RUIN my diet, but it won’t help it. plus, if i was a recovering alcoholic would you be asking me right now to have JUST one drink? NO! I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. If i have one bite its all over. I know this about myself, therefore I will NOT be taking one bite. Sorry you asked?”, “Why don’t I live a little? I’m living more now then I ever did back 50 lbs ago. I feel better physically, and mentally feel more confident than I have in my life.”…These are just a few questions I hear and my answers. With the holidays fastly approaching, I know many of you will be put in similar situations…my advice. BE PREPARED! People, even your friends and family love to sabotage your efforts of living a healthy lifestyle. Why would someone that loves you do this? Well, because it makes them feel better about making unhealthy decisions, and that’s the bottom line. (and if you’re reading this and are a sabotager…STOP! It’s so not cool.)

I was sent an email yesterday and asked, “Erin. How are you going to survive the holidays”. EASY PEASY…I myself am gonna have Thanksgiving dinner and eat what I want. It’s my favorite holiday and I’m gonna enjoy it. I’m not gonna feel guilty about eating my grandma’s dressing or a piece of her awesome fudge that she spikes with extra love…what if one day, God forbid, she isn’t here to make that for me again? It makes me happy. Now, am I gonna go to every cookie exchange and Christmas party I’m invited to and have whatever I want? Well, NO! THAT is not worth it. Grandma is worth it. That’s called balance.

Did you know the average american will gain 7 lbs between Halloween and the New Year’s? Lets not be average. Average is boring!!!!

Tip: talk with your family and friends before these holiday festivities begin. Explain to them your goals and nicely tell them that you would appreciate their support in your decision to eat healthy and to please not tempt you. Who knows? Maybe you will be an inspiration to them.

YAY, for Grandma’s dressing and cranberry sauce shaped like a can!


9 Responses to ““Just one bite won’t hurt””

  1. Thats awesome! Loved every line! I totally agree! Amanda will love this!

    • true, true, true. this is my favorite blog ever. it’s also the only one i read, but that is beside the point. it’s brilliant! i love it 🙂

  2. Oh, how I love your blog posts! Good stuff here chicklet ~ I am right there with ya!

    • i have clients who struggle with this all the time. some were on weight watchers and called them BLTs or BITES LICKS and TASTES. they do add up. especially gummy things……. or even my organic almonds when im on a strict plan

  3. i think a LOT of people can relate to this.

  4. Nicely put Erin! I need to stary stalking your blogs again. My favorite quote from my Grandma is, ” kyle you look great however, but I like you with a fatter face!” I will miss this some day : (, and your right, heaven forbid I don’t eat a homemade slice of pie that she made just for me. Balance…I needed this post E. As usual always inspiring me. P.s…there is a lot of that’s what she said potential here…just saying.

  5. My favorite part was about eating your Grandmas good stuff on the special occassion. You called it balance. I call it love,, love always comes first.. and thats how you find balance and peace.

  6. This was a great post! I actually had this issue this past weekend! My niece and nephews 2nd birthday there were loads of unhealthy choices, but thanks to my husband the chef fo making a gorgeous fruit tray spread so I would have something to eat! I repeatedly got interigated as to why I wouldn’t eat. I stated I was eating, the best option I had! It is hard but it’s all about balance!

  7. What a great blog! Thank you! Just what I needed to know on how to handle those questions!

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