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Weight Lifting vs. Cardio Experiment.

Does anyone else HATE wearing a heart rate monitor? Me too, so constricting! Does anyone else hate leg day? Me too, makes me wanna barf. Well, imagine how I felt today doing BOTH! BUT in the name of “proving my point”, I sucked it up and endured it for an hour of my life. I’ve never worn a HR monitor for anything other than cardio. And it was only due to pure curiosity of my calorie burn and HR spikes that I even did that. Lets get into the meat now…

The day after Thanksgiving there are only two places to be. Standing in line at walmart at 2 am, or in the gym. Guess what I opted for…yep, the gym. A walmart fight WOULD be fun to watch, but I saw many cat eye stares myself, and I was waiting for a brawl over the treadmills. As I was lifting heavy back and biceps and getting a great pump from my carb overload, I thought, if only those people knew they would benefit SO much more by being down here with me. (secretly i’m glad i didn’t have to fight for my equipment bc i’ll do it 😉 So today, Monday November 29, I awoke in a great mood, due to awesome friends texting me to just say good morning and i love you (yep rubbing that in). But soon there after, dread took over as I remembered today is LEG DAY! About 5 minutes later I got happy again. I got an idea! Time to prove to everyone, Erin is right. I ate my breakfast, through on a pair of shorts, and cut off tee, slipped on my vibrams, threw my hair up in a turd, drank 3 scoops of xtend and made a new ipod mix, and bolted out the door. I got to the gym and grabbed a 35 lb kettle bell and headed over to the max rack. i then put on my heart rate monitor (ugh), and pressed start. This was my workout…I also did this last week, but with a little less weight. Today I wasn’t even completely healed  from doing it 6 days ago.

4 sets of everything.

Somersault squats 15-20 reps, SS w/calf raises 15 reps

Full range front squats 10-12, SS w/alternate KB swings 20.

Pistons (one leg squat butt to floor, i held onto a bar, not strong enough to do them free) 6 each leg, SS w/20 KB swings

10 minutes of deadlifting. total of 8 set with 10 reps each.

after 1 hour with plenty of rest time between sets. My Max HR was 172 and my total caloric burn was 730.

So what did you have to do to get your heart rate up to 172 bpm the last time? I remember what I did. I was climbing a REALLY long steep hill on my road bike. That bike trip I burned 1400 calories! wow! that was a lot! Do you know what I had to do to get to that number? I rode 35 miles!!!!! It took forever, not to mention the pain I felt the last 6 miles and the needles in my quads that forced me to take a muscle relaxer. Don’t get me wrong. I had a blast that day. One of the best ever and I love riding my bike. But biking is not gonna reshape my body and give me the pretty muscles I’m striving for. Neither is spending monday through friday on the treadmill for an hour. You’re just gonna burn up your muscle, never see a real change in your body, and end up getting frustrated and eventually quit. Please make a compromise with your body and start lifting weights (as heavy as safely possible), at least 3 times a week. Your metabolism will thank you, your bones will thank you, your hubby or wife or self esteem with THANK YOU!

Thats all. THANK YOU!


One Response to “Weight Lifting vs. Cardio Experiment.”

  1. Right on Erin Baby! Always love your thoughts………Strong is Sexy and Lean

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