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How do I train?

I think most of yall know where I came from. Meaning my old fat self. If not, you can find it in my blog “my story revisited”. Its equipped with a fat picture and all.  here’s the link http://wp.me/pUH0l-15.

I don’t have any secrets. I don’t take a magic pill. It’s just been a lot of hard work. Results take time, so it’s also taken a lot of patience and dedication. I didn’t get fat in a day, (though sometimes I feel like that’s all it takes to get back to where I started) so don’t expect to get the body you want in a day. ”Never give up. Never give in” -Joe Daniels. In fact, I STILL don’t have the body I WANT. I don’t know that I ever will, but striving for it will get me closer each day.

Nutrition: lets start here, bc as hard as you train, you will never get the results you want if you don’t have proper nutrition. I learned most of what I know about nutrition during my first contest prep and I owe a lot of that to Julie Lohre (Yep, I’ve said it a kazillion times. The lady is amazing!). Between her and CONSTANTLY doing research on my own, I’ve learned how to eat to obtain results. When I’m not on contest prep, I still stick to a very clean eating plan, but I allow myself to enjoy my favorite treats as well. Sticking to my clean eating about 90% of the time. NOT being on contest prep and being able to eat a few more calories daily, while doing little to almost no cardio, and lifting as heavy as I possibly can is when I make the most changes in my body. You CAN’T be on a 1200-1500 calorie diet 24/7 and do crazy cardio and expect to make the muscle gains you need to shape those shoulders and thicken/widen that back. Not gonna happen. I eat a balance of protein, fats, and yes CARBS! I eat a couple pounds of broccoli a day and drink a gallon of water, i eat a couple whole eggs, lots of egg whites and oats, turkey, walnuts, and almond butter.  Any female interested in competing, you can find information on Julie at http://www.julielohre.com/

Training: How many times have I said this? LIFT HEAVY! (while still being safe about it). I lift 4 days a week. No more and no less. Resting your body is just as important as training it. It needs time to recover. When you lift, you are destroying your muscles. Ripping them up. I try to allow a good 5-7 days before I work that body part again. If you broke your ankle, would you walk on it the next day? No. You let it heal. You know what they say about a broken bone, that it will heal stronger. Your muscles will repair stronger and bigger as well……A year ago is when I discovered the turning point for my shoulder development. I met Joe Daniels in May of 2009 and at the beginning of 2010 he introduced me to his unconventional training methods, when he began teaching me and training me with kettle bells. When I knew this guy could help me out was the first day he trained me and he said “Erin, your shoulder muscles or any muscles in your body are not straight lines. You want rounded shoulders, right? So, if you want ROUND shoulders why would you lift and train in straight lines? ” WHOA! I never thought of it that way. I was hooked, and I started incorporating kettle bell training into my weekly workouts. I do my own stuff here in Paducah with the little KB access I have, but I also still train with Joe at Swing This Studio, in Latonia Ky, any and every chance I get. He’s always mixing it up, keeping the training interesting and teaching me new things. Now, thats not all I do. I still do traditional body building training with free weights and FEW machines, but incorporating the unconventional training into my routine is when my body started changing the way I was wanting it to. Anyone interested in contacting Joe, here is his website http://danielsfitnesstraining.wordpress.com/

Supplements: I’m not a big fan of eating a lot of pills. They are expensive and I’m broke. So I don’t take anything that I don’t feel is essential. I take, a good EFA supplement (you have to eat fat to burn fat), Calcium w/vitamin D (us women REALLY need this), Multi-vitamin, and I take Scivation’s Xtend for my glutamine and BCAA’s (your body needs glutamine to help with recovery and the branch chain aminos to build muscle). Also, invest in a good protein powder (I choose Beverly International’s Ultimate Muscle Protein. Yes, i’m addicted to it.) I’m not recommending any one brand over the other, there are a lot of good company’s out there. Through trial and error this is what I have decided I’m keeping in my cabinet. OH!!!! and I’m a believer in creatine. I get it in my preworkout which at this time is 1. M.R. (great energy, pump, and focus.) and I get that from www.tigerfitness.com and I also take a little pure creatine on the side. One more thing I have added is a vitamin an awesome friend introduced me to and supplied me with called Resveratrol. ITS AMAZING! Better hair, skin, nails, prevents cancer and every time i see her there is something else she tells me it does. Good stuff.

I’ve been asked and I know this isn’t detailed but it’s pretty much what I do. It’s no secret its just dedication.


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  1. thanks alot erin. i love youre hard work and how you keep others motivated by being strong and an all around great person.

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