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Is It Worth It?

I believe everything in life is a decision. Sometimes crappy things happen that we can’t control, but chances are, that crappiness came about because of a decision we made in the past. Something I like to do that seems to help me from making a bad choice is always asking myself…IS IT WORTH IT? I find that if the answer truly is YES, then I’ll proceed ahead, if it’s NO, then I won’t take another step forward. Sometimes I don’t think and ask myself this question and later wish I had.

I’m gonna answer some questions to “IS IT WORTH IT?”

eating clean? yes.

morning cardio? i guess.

studying hour upon hour for my class? yes.

pushing out one more rep? yes.

driving 5-6 hours to be with my best friends? yes.

forgiving? yes.

praying? yes.

getting up 2 hours earlier than I have to, to have coffee with my mom? yes.

letting a stranger have my parking spot I had been waiting for? yes.

smiling at a stranger? yes.

drinking? No.

saying I love you every chance I get? yes.

wearing vibrams and looking ridiculous? yes.

eating a twinkie? HECK NO.

eating peanut butter m&m’s? perhaps.

getting up on stage in a tiny bikini, despite the fact that my legs will never look like the girl’s who took first place? YES!

having an intimate relationship with God? ABSOLUTELY. OH, FOR SURE. NO DOUBT!

These are just a few that popped into my head at the moment. Do something for me, and before you do something, especially if it’s debatable, ask yourself IS IT WORTH IT? smoking, drinking, your next meal, getting up for church, exercising, a relationship, buying a new pair of shoes……etc. I guarantee, if you plow ahead with the YES’s and put on your breaks with the NO’s, you’ll find good things in your future.




4 Responses to “Is It Worth It?”

  1. It is all about making that “dash” count in life. I LOVE YOU!

  2. I love you and no truer words were spoken. Let me add a few of my own:

    Learning to think before I speak: YES
    Counting to ten before reacting emotionally: YES
    Finding “me” time: YES
    Understanding that a job is not who we are but what we do to pay our bills and it’s more important to love what you do and not how much you make: YES

    Understanding that every behavior has meaning and I don’t know everyone’s story but I will reach out and try: YES

    and for the Visa ending:
    Meeting wonderful selfless people who inspire others and who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside:

    Thank you Erin for being one of those people!!!!!

  3. Agreed! On every one!
    I will add one too….
    Is it worth putting your heart out there even though you’ve been hurt so many times?
    The only way to not get hurt is not live.
    It is worth the risk.

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