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To my BFF

I’m supposed to be traveling to Louisville today to see you, Amanda Nicole Varvel Murphy. Rather, I’m stuck inside due to a small blizzard and you are home, sick. Since things aren’t working out for the two of us at the moment I thought I’d take a few minutes from my day and express a few things.

First of all, too bad I can’t run out to buy you pepto (or whatever you need), like I used to do at random times in the day when you lived a mile away.  You know I’d fight this snow and take my chances at getting sick and drive 3 hours to bring you some if you asked. Thankfully God answered a prayer for me when he gave you Michael. Now I don’t have to worry about you.

So, I sat down and pulled up facebook just a few moments ago and an OLD pic of you, me and Mrs. Ronna in Gatlinburg popped up. I smiled of course. I clicked on it and then it started taking me through every picture that you and I are tagged in together. Man, did I look terrible and FAT lol (how did pics from 15 years ago get on here anyway?). Despite the fact of that, I sat there and looked at each picture and remembered each day like it just happened yesterday. Which then made me think…I’ve looked at many pictures before and thought, well that’s nice, or even, I don’t really remember that but okay. But as I looked through those and the ones I have stored in my picture/old note box, I realized, I remember every second that we were ever together. The only reasoning I can come up with, is that you are just that special to me. What the weirdest part is, is that physically we aren’t even a part of each others lives anymore, except for a couple days a year (if we’re lucky) and a random facebook message here and there. But you know what? I’m okay with that!!!! I’m okay with it because spiritually, you are a part of me. You’ve been my friend since nursery school, we grew apart for a season, but that only made our friendship stronger when we realized we can’t live without each other. There is only one reason we have made it this far and WILL continue on, and that’s because God has been the very center of our friendship from day one. Other than the gift of salvation, there is no greater gift on earth than the gift of a true friendship. Not one day goes by that I’m not reminded of some kind of shenanigans we got into together, or you just pop into my head and make me smile because I know one day we’ll be causing a ruckus again. Whether that’s here on earth, cutting in lines at funeral homes and getting the stink eye :0/, or when God puts our mansions side by side in heaven ;0). That’s why it’s okay with me that I no longer see you everyday right now, pssshhhhh….whats a few years compared to eternity?

I really do hate I’m not getting to see you today, but it will happen soon. I can’t wait to see the new addition. He is precious. I’m gonna say a prayer right now that you get better today!!!! Thank you for being my bff, past, present and future. I love you with all my heart and always will!


2 Responses to “To my BFF”

  1. I love this post 🙂 makes me smile every time I read it!

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