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How being fat saved my life

It has taken me until this very moment in my life (actually last night) to realize that not having the greatest metabolism has indeed been a blessing. That’s me putting things nicely, but I’m talkin about myself here, so I’ll just say it…I’m  glad I used to be fat and here is why.

1. It has humbled me. I had hurtful things said to me growing up. Therefore, I never thought of  myself as better than others, outward or inward. I didn’t feel good about myself on either aspect. Low self esteem will plague your mind and cause many insecurities, and though I feel BETTER about myself now, I will forever be humble knowing where I came from.

2. It made me compassionate. Yes, I look better now than I ever did before 2 years ago and knowing how hard it was to get to this point and how very hard it is to STAY here (geezle), has given me compassion towards others that too struggle with the same thing. It’s a battle, everyday, and I know it will be a battle the rest of my life. I don’t judge others who are over weight, or those who lose and gain it back. I still continue to go up and down (not too far off course. hopefully that won’t happen). I haven’t found my cure. So to those of you who are over weight, or are continuing to yo-yo, What can I say? I feel ya. I’ve had people whisper in my ear before at restaurants (these are people who have known me my ENTIRE LIFE, from fat Erin to fit Erin, to in between Erin), “do you see that woman over there? I bet she’s gonna order something fried plus dessert”. All I said back was, “that’s not nice.” But what I wanted to say was, “do you remember who you are talking to? Number one, YOU are gonna order something fried and eat dessert, and I’m sorry that woman’s body can’t handle the calories like yours can. Number two, do you realize if I hadn’t taken control when I did that I could easily BE that woman right now? Did you used to whisper those things about me 3 years ago?” Instead of judging, when I see these people, my heart hurts knowing what they feel like and what they struggle with every day. I want to help those who are now where I once was.

3. It made me strong, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have overcome something in my life I never thought possible and I have to continue to overcome it everyday. My metabolism hasn’t mysteriously changed and it won’t. It might get a tad bit better as I continue to put on a little muscle (muscle burns calories), but I have to make a daily decision to eat healthy and exercise. By HAVING to exercise and lift weights, I’m now physically stronger than I have ever been. Some days I feel like wonder woman strong, and that makes me feel good about myself. I ask God ALL the time to help me make the right decisions that will help me continue to see positive changes in my body. Ask and ye shall receive. My faith has grown by the help that God has provided me.

4. It made me healthy (i don’t mean thin). You can be the right weight or underweight and NOT be healthy. By HAVING to continuously pump my body with healthy foods and exercise to lose and maintain weight, not only is my outward appearance changing but what goes on physically on the inside is changing as well. Healthy proteins, fats and carbs keep your body running properly. I barely get sick, and I eat a TON of veggies. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that I eat more in 2 days than most americans eat in a week. These foods provide your body with vitamins and fight against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc…I can honestly probably say, that if I never had a problem with gaining weight, I would more than likely eat tons of sugar and processed foods and rarely exercise. I can’t say that FOR SURE but chances are very high that this would be the case. SO in a sense, being fat saved my life.

5. (this one’s most important) I don’t believe I would know the people that I hold dearest to my heart today had I not been fat. The ones that loved me WHEN I was fat, they are the ones who saw past my outward appearance and loved me then and still love me now for my heart and mind. By choosing the road I did in taking control of my weight and health by deciding to compete in figure, I have met people who have completely stole my heart, and they too love me for my heart and mind. 😉 A lot actually struggle as I do, and if they DON’T have a completely stupid metabolism like me, they still know how hard it is to achieve the same goal and they understand the importance of healthy eating and exercise just for the soul purpose of living a healthy life. They too are compassionate, humble, and strong. OMGoodness I love yall so stinkin’ much. 😉

I can honestly say that EVERYTHING in life has a purpose. We may not see it at the moment that something is happening to us. It took me 20 years to figure this one out, but I promise you that God has a purpose for everything in your life. We ask why all the time. Some things just aren’t fair. Why don’t my family and friends struggle like I do? Why does school not come easy to me? Why did I lose my best friend, mom, sister? Why did I lose my job? Why am I sick? You know, we may never know that definite answer but I guarantee that there is a lessoned learned, there is a strength that is growing in you, a good relationship being formed or a BAD one being taken away. Just know whatever it is, God has a purpose.

I know from this day forward I can honestly thank God for my not-so-fast metabolism and not ask him why? Being fat made me who I am today and you know what? I kinda like that person.


4 Responses to “How being fat saved my life”

  1. I love this! thanks for posting this it made my day and really cheered me up! thanks again!!!

  2. Erin, this is simply beautiful…thank you for sharing your heart…you are a dear!

  3. Very interesting read.

  4. This was GREAT readoing and VERY inspirational on so many levels. I know that those close to you have said it but I will say it again that I (even though a stranger) am VERY PROUD of you! I pray that this journey even at this level will only lead you to a new and even greater journey. blessings to you and keep your head up and your feet moving forward.

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