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Good morning, “Kettlebell Kardio”

This is NOT my lifting routine! I don’t use this to build muscle! It’s purely a means of enjoying my cardio and doing it in a cheap, time saving, effective/affective? manor.

(However, I DO use kettlebells for muscle building and reshaping. Just not a 25lb bell. It has become easy)

I recently this week began prep for my next competition. In my opinion the part of prep I hate the most is cardio. In fact, I haven’t really had a cardio routine in my life since uuummmmmmm…june? I have MAJOR cardio ADD, the site of a treadmill or heaven forbid a stairmill makes me wanna barf. Don’t get me wrong, I will be on both I’m sure. My first prep I was at the gym by 5 am doing early morning HIIT training. It was terrible. I was tired, I had to get up by 430 just to brush my teeth, put on clothes, heat up my 10 degree truck, drive to the gym, walk in, grab my treadmill, walk out, and drive back home. My 30 minute session quickly turned into an hour to 1.5 hours of my day, GONE!

What to do? What to do? Last year, Joe Daniels, owner of Swing This studio, turned me on to kettle bell training for the sole purpose of reshaping my shoulders. I started out with the 17-25lb bells as a muscle builder…it was tough! Within a years time, I can now do a turkish get up with a 61 lb, pressing 52’s, swinging a 106 (double handed, of course)…etc. Not only am I stronger, and my shoulders reshaped, but I found that its really fun.

So I thought last week, while making my plan for the next 15 weeks, Could I possibly spend $40 dollars on one bell and get a 20-30 minute HIIT session in without leaving my house? Can I save time, money and space (treadmills cost $100’s? turn into a clothes rack when i’m not on prep? shake the whole house when i run? loud? take up and entire room?) Pssssshhhh forget that! not only can i hide it behind a door but I can take my cardio with me anywhere I GO!

So, yeah, got the 25lb bell. Walmart carries them and today I did my first session. Rolled out of bed, drank two cups of coffee (yes i had a total of 2 tbs of fat free creamer! 20 calories. sue me. it was probably burned off by the time i unloaded the dish washer and brushed my teeth before i started my session. i will NOT deprive myself of my favorite morning coffee blend). I didn’t change clothes and I didn’t put on shoes. I turned on HGTV Curb Appeal and this is what i did.

50 Double handed swing

10×2 Clean presses

10×2 single arm swings

10×2 snatches

25×2 single swings

3×2 Turkish Getups

10×2 single swings

10×2 high row pulls

10×2 single swings

10×2 cleans

10×2 bent over rows

10×2 single swings

1 minute perfect plank

Total 21 minutes. Heart Rate range 120-160. Took a few 15 second rests to get heart rate down and one 30 second rest midway.

I can add time as needed getting closer to show or whatever. I’m just here to tell you, this is awesome and I feel great and GET A KETTLEBELL!

also doing more cardio throughout the week right now, just not more than this for EMC HIIT.


One Response to “Good morning, “Kettlebell Kardio””

  1. this looks great erin im glad your having fun on your way to stage!!!

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