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Goals for spring show prep

1. Come in my personal best (i really could care less what i place. not just saying this. i compete against myself and that’s it)

2. Keep my strength. (my strength has shot up tremendously over the past year. i WON’T lose that)

3. Enjoy my cardio (is this possible for me? incorporating morning KB cardio and scheduling afternoon sessions around Ellen or doing a bootcamp at KIT here and there when i’m up north. i think it could be done).

4. Not have any 2 am break downs and eat peanut butter and Cap’n crunch (ugh. still mad about that)

5. Be a support system for my prepping friends (some say be selfish. eh! i’m strong enough to take care of myself and be there for my friends)

6. Lean on God for strength and focus.

7. Meet even more new ppl through the sport (my favorite girls and guys i have met through this sport and i continue to meet new ones all the time.)

8. Give it my all at every workout plus some.

thanks to my friends and family that support me through this. its a fun and rewarding time. i’m sorry when i get stupid and put my cell in the fridge and the spray butter in the cupboard. i’ll try not to get snippy with anyone and keep a great attitude.

i love you all.

14 more weeks! and then yes, i’ll be sharing a huge sushi dinner with some very special people (yall know who you are) and a cookie dough ice cream date with Kyle Hein that has been in the works for going on 2 years now!


9 Responses to “Goals for spring show prep”

  1. Great post, Erin!!! You have always been there for your “prepping friends” and non-prepping friends, I am sure the next 14 weeks will be no different! You have incredible strength and determinations, so I am sure you will not only meet your goals, but greatly surpass them!!!

    Good luck to you and all the women reading this that are trying to achieve their goals. Each and every one of you have it within you to accomplish everything you set out to do. Just be Strong!!!

    • thanks michelle! you were the first fitbody member to hug me! i’ll never forget that. you and your ripped up body…me and my not so much even close to definition showing body! thanks for your love. you mean the world to me. can’t wait to see you the next time i’m up…ONE week, TWO at the latest! muah!

  2. Can’t wait to see you, Erin!!! This body has been YEARS in progress and is still work in progress. Each person has their own journey to health and fitness. As you mentioned in your post, it is all about our own personal best. No judge in the world can score that accurately. That is the only score that matters and it’s all in your hands, you control that one.

    Have a great week!!! and most important, don’t forget to have FUN!!!!!!

  3. Love these Erin and agree with all of them:) You are an amazing person and a wonderful friend and inspiration. I am a better person just knowing you and I am sure all of the people who have met you agree 🙂 xoxo

  4. cant wait to see you onstage ive watched you change alot since we met at that photoshoot. i have to say you are one of my very good friends.

  5. Erin;
    You aree a beautiful person inside and out and I have no doubt you will get beasty and tear up your goals and that stage.

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