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Derby prep 2011…I do what I want.

Most people who are close to me know that i’m prepping for a show right now…may be my last show, i don’t know, i’ll never say never. anyway, this prep has been majorly different than my 3 in the past, due to the fact that i’m doing my own diet and training. when i tell people that, the next questions are…so what are you doing?  it’s no secret, i tell them, my macros are 50/30/20, i started at 16 weeks out at about 1800 calories and i’ve been cutting them ever since. oh and i have a refeed on sundays, which now only consists of a bowl of oats and almond butter…so why are you doing that macro ratio? why are your calories so low now (yes i’m between 1300-1400 bc i fight fat genes), why do you refeed on that?….i don’t even have to think about these answers, so i say, “i do what i want”…easy as that. there is no method to my madness, i don’t even know if its the perfect diet for my body, but what i do know is that i’m not miserable. i keep foods that i like in my diet. i don’t force down anything bc its in the plan…i do once in a blue moon still go out to eat (yes on prep)…i do a lot of cardio, but if i feel like my body is way tired that night and needs to rest, i’ll rest! i don’t take one supplement (OMG!!!!! thats right. i swallow a calcium pill, and a vitamin ummm when i remember, daily), that’s it! i have no money for supplements and as far as i can tell i feel just as good without them. OH! and i didn’t take any supps on my off season except for a preworkout a couple times a week….i also have only eaten whole foods for the past 11 weeks. not one powder has entered my body…am i doing this bc i think it helps? absolutely not. i just decided when i ran out of ump, i wasn’t gonna buy anymore until after show…i take that back, i’ll eat it show day….what else? is this diet working? well, julie is still doing my pinches and helping me pose and keeping a smile on my face by cheering me on, and according to her i’m dropping and i have more muscle this time around….so i guess it is…will i walk on that stage looking better than everyone else? HAAAAAA! absolutely not! will i look better then i’ve ever come in before? time will tell, i still have 5 weeks…my legs will never be perfect, probably won’t even be good, but i’ve accepted that. i’m looking for a better shape this time, and to have a great day on april 23, full of laughs and hugs, and meeting new people and proud that i did this on my own.

quick thank you to everyone who has routed me on the past 11 weeks…Lana, Jenna, Julie and fitbody, Michelle, Joe Daniels (who also helped in the transformation of my shoulders by introducing me to KB’s), my “beastie girls” at swing this, my family, my keep it tight lovely ladies (man i miss yall), sarah m…omgoodness i could go on and on so i’ll just stop now.

good luck to everyone prepping this spring…remember you never know who is gonna show up that day, so just bring the best you possible and be proud of your hard work. that’s what this is all about!



6 Responses to “Derby prep 2011…I do what I want.”

  1. love it erin! welcome to the world of “doin what WE WANT !!!”

  2. Man…I couldn’t be more proud of you Erin!!! I totally feel ya sista! Thats all we can do in this sport is be “OUR” best! Thats what I plan to try and do as well! It has definitely been a long journey this time around and I can’t wait to share great times, laughs and make great memories with you in a few weeks! Love you girl! Keep rockin it! You are gonna look FABULOUS! 🙂


  4. Absolutely awesome, Erin!!! What a wonderful way to share your story with so many other women and inspire them! You are proof that not only do you “do what you want,” but also how you want to do it and still get amazing results! You look amazing and are coming in strong, happy and lean!!! There is no better way to walk on stage than with the total package. And that is the total package!!! Erin Rhoades style! Can’t wait to see you hit that stage in just over 4 more weeks!

  5. Yea!.. Why??… Because we do what we want!!!!!
    I love it. You’re so Beastie to me right now.

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