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“almost” stupidest dieting moment to date!

you all know when we diet and are on low carbs and calories, we aren’t always thinking straight. well, this is what i did today and it could have been  a travesty.

so i just got home from early morning cardio and it was 9am, and i’m STARVING! so i’m rushing around trying to get eggs cracked and pound some water, just the normal routine. Then i remembered i just bought some probiotics yesterday (yes, its the time. digestive system is not working properly and its miserable) and i needed to take that. so i go to the medicine drawer, open the bottle and pop a pill in my mouth. as i swiftly move it to the back of my throat i realized…this is NOT my probiotic, this is my sleeping pill!!!! let me explain. i don’t just take tylenol pm, this is lunesta, this is the hard stuff, and i was on a completely empty stomach. thoughts started rushing into my brain, i have a lot to do today, i can’t be sleeping all day and then not sleep tonight…so in panic, i quickly bent over and started hacking into my hand. thank goodness it came up! the quick dissolving blue coating was already starting to react, but i patted it dry with a bounty and slipped it snuggly back into its rightful bottle to STAY for the next 13 hours. it was a close call.

the end.


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