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Keep on keepin’ on…3.5 weeks

The time has come. I’ve officially stopped singing! That’s how I know that contest prep is kicking my butt and my mind. Singing in my truck is my most favorite thing to do. As I was driving today and one of my favorite singalong songs came on (total eclipse of the heart. Don’t judge) and it was halfway through when I noticed I hadn’t sung one word. I was in the gym today, doing back and bi’s and though I’m still lifting heavy, pulling 120-140lbs on cable rows for 10+ and curling 30lb dumbbells, it felt like I was pulling a Mac truck and curling Whitney Lee Massie’s (she’s my friend I like to use as gym equipment sometimes). I get done eating a small portion of meat and an entire plate of broccoli (it’s a lot of broccoli) and I’m still hungry, but am I really hungry or am I just not satisified? I’m guessing the latter or I’m just not normal. I guess I’m just ready for some sushi rolls. I haven’t had one since December. Yes, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m getting really really forgetful and stupid, and my head is filled with self doubt about what I’m looking like.

Am I writing this just to complain? NOPE!!!! I’m writing this to every girl and guy out there that are less than a month away from stage. This is gut check time. I’ve gotten numerous messages via email, text, facebook, all feeling the same way. Those who will be competing for the first time are wondering if this is normal, others just need reassurance.  Everyone is in the same boat here.  You make yourself move when you don’t want to, you stick 100% to diet, and you DON’T COMPLAIN! You chose this road, no one made you give up sugar and carbs for 12-20 weeks, or strapped you to a treadmill and said “RUN” (though sometimes I think that would make my cardio easier).  If you do feel like you need to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, choose a buddy that’s going to compete or has competed, that knows how you feel. Your friends and family that are non-competitors don’t want to hear a poor pitiful me story…they will say “well eat a cheeseburger”. Is that really what you want to hear at this point? Yeah, me either!

So, this weekend puts me at 3 weeks out. Do I think my body is ready? Heck no! thank goodness I’m not competing Saturday, and those of you that are doing the derby show like me, or one later, you aren’t supposed to be ready today. That’s why you still have 3 weeks. I promise a lot can happen in 3 weeks. Ladies, finally your legs start to give in (for me its just a little but still they do change some). I’ve dropped 2% body fat in 3 weeks before. Will that happen this time? I don’t know? But I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on.

SO, Heads up competitors. You’ve made it this far, and the finish line is JUST within reach. Let’s finish hard, so we can say we gave it our all.


One Response to “Keep on keepin’ on…3.5 weeks”

  1. I’m not a competitor, but that was good advice. “you chose this road”.. I can apply that to a few things in life right now. I chose this road.

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