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Kettlebell Kardio take 2

rain, tornados and wind…OH MY! hhmmmmm…i was in a pickle this morning. sirens were going off, rain was pouring, winds were blowing over furniture, and i had to do EMC! i could have braved it to the gym, but that would have been stupid since a tornado touched down about 8 miles from my house. not that i was hiding in the shower or anything. i was actually out on the front porch, watching and listening to the madness, holding my 2 year old nephew while he was saying “tornadooooo, where are youuuuuu?” we ain’t scared, yo!!!! AUNT OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!!!!

anyway, today has been another good example of why it is swell to have a single kettlebell lying around the house. i’ve actually done this routine twice today, bc it’s 3pm and the weather is just now clearing up. so here’s how it all went down…using a 25 lb KB.

10 swings right arm, 10 swings left arm, 10 snatches right arm, 10 snatches left arm, 10 squats, 10 pushups. rest 30-45 seconds and repeat that for a total of 10 rounds. it takes right at 30 minutes and you’ll be sweatin i promise.

using my awesome math skills, this is what i calculated i’ve done today. 400 swings. 400 snatches. 200 squats. 200 pushups. not too shabby…i don’t think.

hope nobody let the weather be an excuse to be lazy and watch HGTV and food network all day (that’s what i wanted to do this morning) 😉



2 Responses to “Kettlebell Kardio take 2”

  1. That is awesome, Erin!!! I definitely need to purchase my own kettlebell soon!!!!

  2. awesome and just one reason to have a “gym in one piece of equipment”

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