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Spiritual exercise is most important

What an amazing morning and totally unexpected. So, I didn’t want to do my early morning cardio, per usual. My legs were sore and I was hungry, and I really wanted to be going to the zoo in st. louis with my family today…despite my grumpiness I put on my baggy clothes and grabbed my ipod and headed out the door. I decided that I needed to be out where the sun was shining. I walked over to my nearest hill and pushed play on my newest “recently added” playlist. It was all new worship music I had downloaded and as I started up the hill I started to pray and let the words of the songs fill me with strength. About 5 minutes into my session the pain in my legs subsided, I was moving quicker, I was breathing steady and deep (which is hard for me), a smile was forming across my face, and my heart felt like it was going to burst (in a good way). I was looking at my ratty 5 year old sweatshirt and thought, I am SO blessed I have this to keep me warm. My stomach growled and I thought instantly about the egg whites waiting to be cooked at home. I’m so blessed to have healthy food to eat. I started thinking about FB and who I would like to give recognition to for being awesome. For the past 3 weeks I have told one person a day how much they mean to me, and I’m not just picking these people out of thin air. They truly have touched my life in some way, and I still have a ton of people I need to tell this too. How blessed am I that God has given me all these terrific people? And I never once had to ask for them. If I keep loving them like God wants me to love them, then I know I will receive this love in return.

Suddenly out of nowhere, while I was making my 3rd trip up the hill, something from my past came up from behind me. At first the happiness I was feeling started to dwindle. Was it something the satan sent my way to be a killjoy? NO! I rather thought, this was from God. It was a reminder of a place that I once was but He brought me through. I don’t know how anyone can make it through this life on earth without faith that God will bring you through hard times, without hope that tomorrow will be a better day, and without knowing that his love is all you really need.

I prayed for my friends and family today. Ones that are going through trials, that God would just lift them up and hold them in His arms. I also prayed for my friends and family that don’t have a personal relationship with Him…I don’t have much when it comes to material things, but I have more than most because I have Him in my heart, and no one can take that from me. I am very happy today!

When I got home, I checked my email and this was today’s devotional and I wanted to shared it…


April 6, 2011

Thoughtful Living

PSALM 25:8-15


Are you living thoughtfully and intentionally—or automatically? It’s so easy to get up each morning, do our work, enjoy some relaxation or entertainment, and fall into bed each night without giving any thought to God’s involvement in our lives. But to be ignorant of how He has blessed, guided, protected, and warned us is a foolish way to live. Just consider the benefits of keeping our spiritual eyes and ears open throughout the day.

Those who are aware of the Lord’s presence during their daily activities enjoy the peace of knowing that He is always in control and working to accomplish His good purposes. Every day’s experiences with Him teach them to know and love Him more.

When we learn to see God’s footprints in our days, we will become aware of the scope of His involvement in our lives. Maybe He strengthened you for a task or opened a door of opportunity. Perhaps He guided your decisions or helped you respond in a godly way to a difficult person.

If our ears are open to the Lord’s warnings and instructions, we won’t repeat the same mistakes again and again. But those who are deaf to His voice will continue in unhealthy thought patterns, negative emotions, and foolish responses.

Each night before you go to sleep, take some time to reflect on the day’s activities. The Lord is constantly with you, guarding and guiding your way. He wants you to see Him in everything and understand life from His perspective as you rely on His wisdom and power to face any challenge.



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