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“I didn’t come to win. I came to surf”

Those words were spoke by Bethany Hamilton at the end of  “soul surfer”. i just got home from seeing this and it was the most uplifting movie ever! i walked out with my heart full and my head filled with all kinds of thoughts. this is my final week before show and i couldn’t relate to any better words, than the ones in the title of this blog. i’ve been told all my life, you have to be in it to win it…pshhhhhh. i’ll say it once again….i do what i want to do. if my reasonings behind competing are something other than winning, than that’s what i’m gonna do. i don’t go to win a trophy. i work hard on and off season and i DO win. i’ve totally transformed my body over the past 3 years and on top of that my mind has been totally transformed as well. in fact, they both have transformed tremendously over the past 4 months. physically this has been the toughest prep to date. my body hasn’t responded in the way i was hoping, but  maybe that’s bc i tried doing this on my own this time, but again, its another reason why i won. this past prep has made me stronger, and i know i have the ability to rely on myself, but when i say that, i actually mean i rely on God for strength and guidance. not only in prep, bc competing is only a tiny little smidge of who i am. through Him, my faith has grown, my relationships have become strong, and i have realized the ultimate purpose for my life here on earth and what i am to do to see that that purpose is fulfilled. competing is just a stepping stone in my life to put me where i’m supposed to be, to meet people i’m supposed to meet, and to help mold me into who i am today. i believe with all my heart that all those things have been achieved…WINNER! i don’t need a first place trophy or a top 5 placing. i need to walk in saturday as a competitor proud of what i accomplished, proud of the relationships i have made along the way, and uplifted because God brought me farther than i ever thought possible. what is there to be disappointed about? i feel as if i am the most blessed girl on earth due to the love surrounding me at all times by my family and friends on earth. could there be a better reward than that?

i’m not saying any of this to put down those that are in it to win it, bc i think that is fantastic. i just wanted to voice my opinion on why i started competing and why i have continued this far. it’s been a spiritual, mental and physical journey for sure, and i loved every minute of it. thank you, to all who have supported me, friended me, loved me and held my hand along the way. you have made it all worth my while. i love you so much.


One Response to ““I didn’t come to win. I came to surf””

  1. Erin~Once again, you are such an inspiration to so many women, both competitors and non-competitors! God has given you the blessing, ability, and purpose to reach out and touch so many people and this just shows that once again. I wish you the best of luck this week as you get ready for Saturday. No matter where you place on Saturday, you will shine on that stage and look amazing and beautiful!!!

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