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Derby 2011 wrap up

it’s came and gone…weeks upon weeks of dieting for that one day. everyone’s asking how i did. well, i placed 3rd…of 3! lol. am i bummed about that? HECK NO! this has been by far my best accomplishment yet. number one i came in with more muscle and a better shape (due to some beastly lifting over my “off” season), i did my own prep work this time (diet and exercise), and i walked on stage without taking any supplements the entire prep. but that is far from the best part…first of all, i met a ton of new inspiring women through julie lohre’s fitbody team. these girls have the best attitudes and work so hard…the support and the smiles i see at each meeting is just priceless. i also got to share the stage with some other awesome women i met through working out at latonia kentucky’s “swing this studio”…my beastie girls are amazing…and we gave each other just as much support, as if we were a team ourselves, and we kinda are, but we think of it more as a secret society ;). i also was united with a few people i only knew through facebook at one point but finally got to meet them face to face. they are just beautiful people. SO, i’ve never gone into a show so relaxed in my life, and its probably bc i already felt like a winner for reaching my personal goals and was there for just another experience of a lifetime, which i got. i had my parents, sister and nephew in the audience, and friends who drove 1-2 hours to see me on stage…being the tallest of all figure girls i was going to be the very last lady to walk on stage that day. so finally after almost sweating my tan off back stage, it was my turn to walk on. i knew in my head there were a couple hundred ppl out there about to stare me up and down, and see the legs that i purposely hide every day of my life, but as i walked out there i held my head high and i was prideful of what i brought and knowing that just 3 years ago i was wearing a size 20 jean, and i knew there were a lot of people out there watching that were also proud of me…not to mention one of my biggest heroes was walking me out on stage and i know julie was proud of me at that very moment (which brings tears to my eyes right now as i type this, bc i wanted that more than anything in the world. seriously i’m choked up over here)…anyway, the lovely lady that stood before me gave her presentation, when she was done i stepped forward…i’ve never heard so many yells and screams for a person in my entire life, let alone myself. i knew i had support out there, but as i listened i heard many more voices yelling my name than i even thought i knew were out there. i cherished every second and it hands down was the best moment of my entire life. it puts my first show to shame really. i know God has blessed me with love, but i felt more in that 10 seconds than i ever have in my entire life…i had a smile you couldn’t have smacked off my face…before i knew it we were giving our curtsy and i walked of stage thinking “what just happened?”. julie was behind me, and behind stage she gave me the best hug ever and i heard the words i wanted to hear “i’m so proud of you”. i knew in my head i was probably taking home 3rd place that night but i couldn’t give less of a flip…that dieting, and cardio, was worth that 5 minutes of my life.

after prejudging i got to go out and talk to everyone and get hugs. then i went back to the room and all my girls came along and we just hung out and chilled all afternoon and had a party in room 970 of the galt house. it was perfection. that night we went back. i saw my friends go back out on stage, some taking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th…and i celebrated with each as they came off stage…it was my turn and we did our presentations one last time before awards. i could be imagining things but i’m pretty sure the cheering was even louder at the night show…and as expected i was awarded third place and i was so happy…except for the fact that they ran out swords and i’m pretty sure everyone who placed left louisville with one but me, but my clan was ready to eat so i left and my friend dawn graciously told me she’d bring my massive award to me in the next couple of weeks if i wanted to leave…so we all left and a group of over 20 of us sat down to an awesome dinner with many laughs at cheesecake factory. perfect ending to a perfect day!

so folks, yall were asking how it went and there it is…it was fantastic! thank you to everyone who supported me along the way and especially my friends that came out to be with me…you all are so near and dear to my heart. i miss you already! oh and as for competing again…i’m not swearing it off, but i am taking some time. i’m focusing on a few other things right now….i’ll let ya know something about stage maybe in a year or so. 😉


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  1. Reading your account of the show reminds me why I became involved with this sport in the first place. Knowing that you can make such incredible changes in your body and more importantly, your health and having that moment of overwhelming pride is indescribable. And there you go, capturing it perfectly. I am not just proud of you – I AM HONORED TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO WORK WITH YOU AND TO BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE. I agree, never have I hear such a roar from the crowd as when you walked on stage! You are loved and admired by so many! Some people come into your life and because of them, everything you think you know changes. You did that for me!

    You are the most positive, inspiring, dedicated, Christian woman I have ever met and I hope you know what a positive influence you have on every one around you. Love you!!!! Julie

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