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my last 24 hour + a few

lets start with last night when i got home…home for me is where i’m house/cat sitting for a week for my friend in mason ohio. this is the short version. total driving time 8 hours. total hour awake 20 now.

10pm get here and bringing my bags in, the big cat, that i think is named joey runs out the front door. thats fine. theyre allowed out. i unpack. the other cat (jasper?) wants out so i let him out. i eat my ump and watch tv. 11pm jasper comes back but no joey. i take a sleeping pill. 1130pm i check for joey again, no joey. 12pm i’m crashing. still no joey. 3am i wake. i walk downstairs. still no joey. i say a prayer “please Lord bring back joey”. back to bed. 5am i awake and walk downstairs. no joey. i can’t sleep. so i take a shower to hopefully scrub the last remaining tan off my body. while showering i pray for some friends and thank Him for them, then i pray for strength and endurance for my physical test i was taking for a police dept at 10am. “please Lord bring back joey”. 530am i walk downstairs. still no joey. i put on coffee and go back up to dry my hair. 6am no joey. i make a cup of coffee and turn on some music and reflect on how blessed i am to have the friends and family i have. 630 i get dressed and pack my truck with my dress and shoes i’ll need for my cousins wedding at 4pm in bowling green ky (4hours away). 7am jasper wants back out. i make one egg from tewes and it was double yolked, with 1/3 c oatbran. didn’t want the food. my stomach was nervous about the test and about no cat. 730am i see jasper and open the door. jasper runs in and joey runs in right behind!!!!” thank you Lord!!!!” 830 i leave to take my test. 930 i drink a watermelon redline extreme. 10am my test starts. i weigh in. benched 73% of my weight plus some. situps? easy peasy. 300meter run, i had 65 sec to finish, but made it in 50. i feel sick. next was pushups required is 14 for minimum passing, 25 for max points, did the max and could have kept going. last test, 1.5 miles in 16:15. i hate running that’s why i don’t do it and i still feel nauseous. i start jogging. one lap “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, 2 laps wow i haven’t stopped. 3 laps, i’m starting to get lapped by a few boys. but that’s ok, he only did 20 pushups. hehe. 4 laps i just ran a mile. 5 laps, “the joy of the Lord is my strength”. 6 laps, i have 3/4 lap to go and kick it up a notch and cross the finish line right on time. i pass the PT with max points. 12pm hop in the truck and down two 20 oz bottles of water, a mello yello zero, and a bag of beef jerky as i start my trip to bowling green. 230pm i’m trying to make it to elizabeth town before i stop to pee. pass an exit. 245 uh oh i’m gonna pee my pants. i pull over on the side of the road. mello yello zero or redline bottle? i chose the redline. yes i did it folks. now back to driving. 2pm (after gaining an hour. back to central time) i see a big dinosaur and a sign for dinosaur world. i have to go back there. 230pm wheel into the church with shorts on, no makeup, and hair turded up. make a record 10 min transformation and have time for the family photo. 330 sit at the guest registry. 4pm wedding start. 5pm at reception. i pull out a bag of chicken and a jar of pickles. i eat. 6pm listen to grandma and confirm to others that she indeed got arrested for assault 10 years ago. 630pm i get cake all over my hands while serving and at the same time get asked if i’m a bodybuilder. i refrain from one finger lick or one bite of cake. 7pm? i give hugs and i’m back on the road. do a lot of thinking and praying. lose an hour coming home. 1130pm i smell a skunk around buttermilk pike. i think its ironic, bc it smells like something needs a buttermilk bath. 1145pm its raining terribly. 12am i’m home. and slither in the door NOT letting joey out. 1am NOW! i’m tired. i’m starving. i managed to lose 2 lbs since i woke up yesterday morning. i’m definitely eating some ump and then going to bed. im excited about church with the girls then SWING THIS! nite yall.

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