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It’s How You Live

Driving alone for 20 hours in one weekend gives a person a lot of time to think…what was my conclusion? I am one blessed girl. I had a wonderful weekend with the exception of a speeding ticket and some heart breaking news from a friend. I traveled 10 hours on Thursday through Illinois and Indiana to Michigan to visit one of my best friends for 2 days, just to turn around on Sunday morning to travel 10 hours back down through Ohio and Kentucky to make a surprise visit to one of my besties who just had a baby a few days ago (he is an answered prayer and I love him already).  Today (monday morning) I woke up feeling and looking like death (i actually put on makeup to hide the tired face. A patient actually commented “you have on makeup” haha. thats how often I wear it). I can’t tell you how many patients asked me “so where did you go this weekend?” In reply, I answered Michigan and then Cincy, then home. And I can’t tell you how many people replied “You sure put the miles on that new car”. Yep. Thats why I bought it. I made a 10 hour drive on one tank!!! (kia optima for anyone interested in a car with awesome mileage). You see, I bought my dream vehicle back in 2011 ( A black jeep wrangler!) when my truck gave out on me. I thought thats what I wanted and it would make me happier. I quickly changed my mind when the gas mileage I was getting was hindering me from visits up north to my friends. Yes, they make me happier than a silly jeep! On my drive home from Michigan I cried because I left a friend that I didn’t know when I’d see them again, and I smiled because I was blessed enough to have them in my life and even more blessed to be heading to Cincinnati to see more friends. On my drive I thought about what is important to me and this is what I came up with….trusting that God is taking care of me and paving the way to where He wants me to be. Spending as much time as I possibly can with the people I love most. Praying for others and having faith that God knows the best answer. Making the best decisions I can so I will have as little regrets as possible. Loving like I’ve never been hurt. Surprising friends just to make them smile. Taking time to look up at the stars and make a few wish/prayers and marvel at its beauty. Taking chances and not being afraid to fail. Saying I love you. Giving away all the hugs I can. Making as many gym dates as possible with my friends (even if it means working Glutes and Shoulders back to back days and doing plyos. I loathe plyos :)) Giving a free massage to someone that really needs it. Driving with the window down on a nice day regardless of how it makes my hair look. Singing at the top of my lungs, not caring if the person beside me at the light can hear me blaring a show tune from “wicked” or even singing “california dreaming” with my C.P. patient in front of everyone bc if you’re goin to sing the mamas and the papas, you need a mama and a papa. Kissing someone I love goodbye…I’m sure there are more but I need to get on with this blog. The way I see it, this life we live is a gift. Why waste it worrying about the future. Worrying only causes us to hold onto body fat. And we don’t want that. Right, other Erin?

When I leave this world one day for my permanent home, no one will remember me for the car I drove, how much money I did or didn’t have, or if I fit into my skinny jeans. They are gonna remember me for the person I am, for my heart, and how I lived…because THAT’S what life is about.

Love y’all! xoxo


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