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What the CHUCK(s)?


My grandma drew my name for Christmas this year. She asked me what I wanted and I told her, a pair of blue low top chucks. She replied, “what’s a chuck?” You know canvas converse shoes. “You mean like what your daddy and uncle wore to play basketball in when they were kids?” Yes. “Why would you want a pair of those?” Well I didn’t go into depth on why I wanted them and I certainly didn’t tell her that I was gonna write all over them with permanent marker as soon as I got them. She still doesn’t get why I would pay money for a pair of ripped up jeans. “I pay to get my rips fixed.” she would say. :0/ Well…I did get my blue chucks for Christmas and this is why I wanted them and why you may want a pair too…

1. They’re cute. 2. They are great for kettlebell training and heavy weight lifting. They provide stability therefore making heavy kettlebell and weight training safer. 3. They are a blank canvas to personalize them however you want. You can be boring and keep them clean and neat as possible or you can be AWESOME and draw or write all over them however you’d like…I choose the latter. I like to be awesome. 😉 4. They’re relatively cheap compared to other shoes.

So, I bought my first pair in fall of 2010 mainly for kettlebells but then I started doing my traditional lifting in them too. I noticed for about 80% of my time spent in the gym, I was looking down at the ground. Whether, that was bent over picking up weight or bent over in exhaustion from a heavy lift, praying for strength, or purely avoiding people who wanted to initiate conversation. (I don’t hang my head in defeat!) So one day while in the gym and looking at my shoes I thought, “I’m gonna make these shoes even cooler. When I get home, I’m gonna get my sharpie and write motivational and positive things all over them so I can read them every day.” I was also prepping for my 2011 spring show at the time. The more motivation, the better. You see, I believe in the power of words. Words can make you strong or weak, laugh or cry, love or hate, bring you up or bring you down. I like to surround myself with positive people and positive thoughts. That day, I destroyed my black chucks with awesomeness, in the form of a few scriptures that make me feel strong to read (Joshua 1:9 and Proverbs 31:17), some motivational words and sayings (you vs. you, is it worth it? Always love. Lift big. etc.), and a few things that just make me smile (Team Fitbdody Rocks. I LOVE my friends. I heart Kettlebells). These shoes make me a better person, they remind me of my blessings, remind me how I need and want to live, they make me smile and help me push out that one extra rep. Since my first pair, I’ve bought another pair of black and a red pair. I’ve also started asking my friends to sign them which just warms my heart to see an “i love you” or “i believe in you” with a special name beside it. Not only do these shoes do all of this for my mind, body and soul, but they have touched others…word of advice. if you are to write a scripture on your shoes, you better know what it says because people will read them and ask you. I had them on at work the other day and a patient asked, “what does You vs. You mean?” Well, it means, you can’t be anyone else so strive every day to be the best you possible. Give 100% in everything that you do. You get out of life what you put in it. So its You vs You.” He looked at my shoes a second longer, and looked up with a smile and said, “that’s exactly what I needed to hear today”…So not only do these shoes help me, but some days and actually a lot of days, they help others. And that was just an unexpected bonus.

To Grandma, and everyone else out there who ask “why chucks?”…that’s why. 🙂

WARNING: Chucks are not recommended for cardio or plyos. I still wear my cushioned asics, or nike air max for that type of workout. 

Blank Canvas


Destroyed with awesomeness



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