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Simple and Effective Motivational Tip

Set your home and and lock screens on your phone to a picture that motivates you. We all look at our phones constantly all day (at least I do).


I chose this pic for my lock screen (pictured above) because 1.)I remember how happy I was at that moment and it makes me feel better every time I see it. 2.) I like my abs. 3.) Julie Lohre has been an inspiration to me before I ever started working for her. She makes me wanna push myself in the gym and make the right decisions in the kitchen.

I chose this pic for my home screen for one reason only…I got ready for a clothing modeling shoot and this personal shoot one summer while wearing a boot up to my knee because I had broken my foot….This was the last shot of the day and I felt like a bad a**!  😉

You may want a picture of your family because they motivate you to get/stay healthy, or a picture of a time that you absolutely loved your body, sometimes my fat picture shows up on one of my screens, I’ve also taken a picture of my figure suit during contest prep (nothing motivates you like a tiny figure suit)…or maybe its a person that inspires because of their determination. Different things drive us all.

Thats all folks.


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