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Your Life Is An Interview

I was speaking with a patient the other day and telling her I was moving to start a new job and new chapter of my life. She asked, “did you interview for the position?” “No. I’ve known them for 3 years and they came to me. They know my good, bad, and ugly. With me, what you see is what you get. And I suppose they liked something.” The conversation continued and what I concluded is…our life as a whole is a continuous interview.  What if we woke up and went about our days as if we were being interviewed for our dream job? Smiles on our faces, standing tall, our best foot forward wanting our future bosses to see our best qualities. Thats what we do right? What if, during a normal day we smiled more often? Walked tall and confident? Did nice things for our friends and families just because we love them? Opened doors and did good deeds for strangers, not expecting anything in return? Well, I believe our world would be a different place. People, young and old, your friends and strangers, watch you every day. They watch how you react to certain situations. I myself notice the person who is easy to forgive when someone has wronged them, the one who helps an older lady reach a can of soup off the top shelf at kroger. I’ve said it a million times, you get out of life what you give. If you give a smile, you’ll get a smile. 🙂 
So what would our world be like if we lived everyday as if we were being interviewed for our dream job? I think there would be a lot more love on this earth and a lot less hate. We wouldn’t be spending our days arguing about gun laws because there wouldn’t be an issue.
I have a dare for you and I’m gonna do it myself: I dare you to smile at a stranger tomorrow, do something unexpected and nice for someone (friend or stranger), and tell someone if they’ve impacted your life for the better…wouldn’t that be an awesome compliment? 


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