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“Fit” is not a shape or size

Saturday, I had the privilege of training with five, strong, beautiful, intelligent ladies, whom I’m also blessed to call friends. Every other day of the week I have the privilege of training with my bff, Jenna…also strong, beautiful and the smartest person I know (she hates when I say that, but she really is). So, after training on Saturday, three of us sat in the parking lot for another 2 hours, chit-chatting about numerous things and enjoying the weather and each others company…WAIT! Lets stop for a second. I kinda feel the need to name drop right now, because I am more than proud to call these two girls, best friends as well. If y’all don’t know them you should want to, and think about looking them up. They are so beautiful from the inside out, and real. I love people that are real.  Sarah Vance and Hyla Conrad, I think you are both amazing plus some. And, Jenna Dunham, you’re the smartest person I know. 🙂 Back to my point, two good questions arose while I was with all three ladies this week. 1.) When did the definition of “fit” change from how our bodies physically perform to how our bodies physically look? 2.) When did the definition of “health” change from how our bodies physically work on the inside to how our bodies physically look on the outside? Interesting questions, huh? I think so. Why are none of us ever asked, can you show me how to make my body stronger and work more efficiently? Why is it not important to most women to be able to push more than 5 pound dumbbells over their heads? Instead it’s…”can you help me lose weight? I wanna be a size 4.” Here’s one of our thoughts during discussion, “odds are, if you focus on eating and training for a stronger, healthier, more energetic you, a better body will naturally come.” (See, I told ya my friends were smart!) Who told you that being a size 4 was the only way you will be happy, or the only way you will be loved and be beautiful? I’ve been a size 4. I likedthe way I looked, but even then I saw flaws in my body every time I looked in the mirror. Even worse, what I had to do for MY body to be a size 4, was under eat and over train. Due to those choices, I also never slept, never had a period, and had respiratory and digestive issues. I also found that my mind was totally consumed at all times with food and my workouts. My body doesn’t want to be a size 4. That body is weak and unhealthy. I’m not saying, if you are a size 4 you are weak and unhealthy. So please don’t take my words the wrong way. Everyone is different. Personally, I’m not supposed to be a size 4. As of today, yes, I’m bigger than I want to be, but I’m trying my best to do what I can so my body will heal from the damage that I did in my years past. Damage that came from trying to make my body “beautiful”. Whatever, social media’s view of beautiful! I don’t like you!!!! I was beautiful at a size 12 and I’m beautiful now! What my body does want to be is strong. It wants to sleep, it wants to eat more than 1200-1500 calories, and does NOT want to do an hour of cardio a day. By the way, if you live on a 1200-1500 calorie diet and do an hour of cardio a day, that’s not a “life style”. That’s a major calorie deficit, and you can’t live there! I did, and it’s not good, especially for a girl of my height and build. Now, with adequate calories, for the first time in my life, I’m not hungry, I’m sleeping without a prescription drug and for 8-10 hours a night. I haven’t taken my progesterone in 3 months and I’m still having a period, and no more respiratory or digestive issues, thank you Lord. As far as strength goes, even when I was weak, I was strong, but nowhere close to my strength i have now. I can safely deadlift over 300 lbs, push 150 over my head and just found out this week I can row a 120 pound dumbbell for numerous reps on each arm. That’s what my body was capable of and I didn’t even know it. I chose a different path for too many years. One that looked healthy from the outside. I lived up to the worlds standard of “fit and healthy” so much that I was in magazines, and was told daily for years, “I wanna look like you.” What it took for me to look healthy, ate away at my actual health and made me sick. I now don’t have the body that people want to see in magazines or in bikini’s by the pool, but it’s probably the healthiest and fittest body I’ve ever had and I’m only gonna continue to improve upon that in the right way. I pushed too hard for too long and now it’s time to be my version of healthy.  Thank you, to friends like Jenna, Sarah and Hyla, who to me are the epitome of health on the inside and out. Who eat and train for performance and in return have amazingly efficient, beautiful bodies. And thank you for pushing me each day, making me better and helping me to see myself the way y’all see me and the way God sees me. 

Blessed. Happy. Getting Healthy. 

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