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Quit? Slow down? I don’t know what you mean.

I’m sitting here with ice on my back and 800mg of ibuprofen in my body. I think this makes the 4th time I’ve done this. It’s the same back injury that started back in 2006 while fielding a softball at first base (it hurt but I still got the out ;)). I can injure it while squatting, fielding a softball, deadlifting, moving a picnic table or picking up a sock. I can’t blame my injury on the pressure I put on my back in the gym, I agree it’s a lot, but I wasn’t a true lifter back in 2006 when it first occurred. I never pushed my limits back then like I do now. I didn’t even know what a dead lift was. I’ve been here before and there’s a good chance I’ll be here again. I hate resting, taking time off, and I hate set backs. Especially when I was really starting to love my new found strength. I’ve started over many times before, and I’ll do it again. I won’t stop lifting heavy, it’s what I love to do! So if anyone is thinking about telling me to do just that, you can say it and i’ll hear you (there’s a difference in hearing and listening), or you can read this and shake your head like you’re probably doing. Anyone who really knows me, knows I do what I want. I want to lift. I want to lift heavy. I want to improve my lifts and my technique, and I will. On a non-defiant note, I have promised myself that I’ll be more preventative this next go around. There will be more stretching and mobility training incorporated into my session. Everyone tells me I don’t take care of myself. They are half right and I appreciate that I have friends and family that care about my well being. And because I love them so much and because I hate sitting here, I promise y’all and myself that I’ll be better about this. And if my best friend/training partner agrees with me, there will be a warm up and stretch before every training session and a cool down and stretch afterwards. If she doesn’t agree, I guess I’ll do it alone and I’ll call her a “pot” (that would make me the kettle). I mean really, how many times do you think olympic, and professional sport athletes have injured themselves? What about the girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark and got right back in the water and turned pro? I’ve been hit in the jaw with a 60mph softball when I was 10, I tore my right ankle to shreds one summer sliding into 3rd base, I got my first black eye from a softball when I was 7, and again had that first back injury playing softball. These aren’t reasons to quit something you love, they are reasons to come back and work harder and they make you stronger. One of the first things I tell young athletes to remember is “pain is temporary”. What kind of leader and example would I be to quit? That’s dumb. It may take months till I’m fully able to give it my all but I’ll do it again. I have heart. When I love something or someone, I give it all my heart. No one can ever tell me I didn’t try and to me there’s a lot to be said for that. You fall down and you get back up. It’s life! Suck it up! 😉


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