Rhoades to Fitness
It's YOU vs. YOU

I’m not making an excuse. I just made a choice. 

At the beginning of January I was in the gym 5-6x a week, lifting heavy 3x and at the kettle bell studio 2-3x a week working on recovery and functional training. I was in a good routine and actually seeing some changes in my body for the first time in many many months. At this time, I also got news that the family I was nannying for would be moving to Arizona in August, and that’s when my heart started breaking. Not only had I fallen in love with these amazing kids, but I was losing one of my best friends of almost 5 years. I might have went into a slight depression. We (the family and I) started traveling quite a bit back and forth from home to Arizona, and when we weren’t traveling I was spending every minute possible with the kids. My workouts went from from 5-6x a week to 2-3…mostly 2. Could I have cut my time with the kids a little and made sure I got in my workouts? Or got up extra early to get them in before the rest of my day started? Sure I could. But I was lucky to ever fall asleep before 2am, so if I could sleep in, I slept in. Lack of sleep is a big contributor to my hormone issues, so I take advantage when I can. I made a decision back in January that my priority would be spending time with those kids. I didn’t want to miss a laugh, a conversation, a hug, a movie, one episode of veronica mars or one tree hill, a dinner, a day at King’s Island or a game of Clue or Phase 10. My days spent in the gym were with my best friend that was moving, and when I had to go alone, I found myself, well, angry. It was too much time to think about the things to come and I just didn’t enjoy it. I pushed myself every time I stepped through the doors because that’s who I am. Surprisingly enough, without the gym being a priority, I actually have seen strength gains in my bench and dead lift since January, and I’ve had more than one person tell me my body has made changes. I don’t know if I have or not, but one thing I decided over the past 2 years was to listen to more of what my friends and family say and less to what my brain says when I look in the mirror. I’m fortunate that some of my favorite people and best friends, I’ve met through fitness. They are strong, motivating, uplifting, understanding and I know they’ve been praying for me for months. Being able to spend time with these beautiful friends here and there, read their Facebook posts and communicate over social media (most live anywhere from 2 hours to a 2 day drive away) has been amazing. I knew that at the moment I was only trying not to lose muscle and strength, but because of these women and the opportunity to attend Camp Gorgo last month, I never lost motivation of what I eventually wanted. I want my strength and muscle gains to be a priority again. I want to focus on my diet, making sure I’m fueling my body with the foods that give me energy and make me feel good. I want to get proper rest and I promised a few friends that recovery (stretching/foam rolling) would be taken just as serious as my other training. Y’all might need to check in on me with that one until it becomes habit.
My family moved this week, my heart finally completely broke and I cried more tears the last few days than I have in my last 31 years. I’m visiting friends and family right now for the next 2 weeks, and God has blessed me with a very sweet family to work for as soon as I return to Northern KY. I’ve already written my diet, and have a 4 week lifting plan ready to be conquered when I return home. I’m ready to work hard again, hopefully see some physical changes, and start motivating others again to be their best. I’ve missed that mental focus, but I wouldn’t trade my last 7 months with those kids for 7 months of hardcore, focused training for anything in the world. This isn’t a blog of excuses. It’s about dealing with change and heartache, making choices that are best for your current situation and for the situation of those around you, and embracing new beginnings. It’s okay to take time off, take care of your heart and mind, and reevaluate what’s most important. I think the time off has opened my eyes to many different things. I’ve been working on my mental health (the way I view the gym and food) for the past few years. This situation helped me a lot with these issues. I didn’t physically lose anything the past few months, but I gained more love, trust, and memories, and those are priceless.
Thank you to my friends that keep me and so many other women motivated to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’m ready to join you again in the movement to empower women to be strong in every aspect of their lives. Time to kill it.
Love y’all.


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