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Practically Perfect In Every Way

I love Mary Poppins! She’s…magical. Despite the fact the she can fly in on an umbrella, slide UP the stair banister and clean a room with a SNAP…these are the things that made her magical to me when I was child, but we know it’s make believe, just fun fiction. Trust me, I think I tried all of those things at least once, and every now and again, when no one’s looking, I still try snapping my fingers and the room has yet to clean itself (sigh). This past winter I sat down and watched Mary Poppins with my 5 year old nephew, and I noticed that my views on what makes Mary so magical have changed. Now, what I love about Mary is her confidence, the way she brings the best out of each person she comes in contact with, and how she finds the fun in every mundane task. Other’s today may watch Mary Poppins as an adult and think…”Mary’s a B****!” She may have those tendencies, saying things like “I never explain anything”, TO HER BOSS, but that’s why I love her. When she does something she feels is right, she sticks to her guns. She has the, “love me, or hate me, this is who I am” mentality. She’s not a people pleaser. She doesn’t say what you want to hear, she says what you need to hear. Here’s a few more things that I love about Mary.

1. Mary Poppins looks in the mirror every chance she gets. You know what makes her different than every other woman on this earth? She doesn’t stare at herself to nitpick at her flaws, she sees her beauty. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and saw “beautiful” staring back at you? Or did you choose to see every grey hair poking through, and a new blemish that appeared over night? Did you pucker your lips wishing they were bigger, adjust your face to smooth out your wrinkles, or pinch the fat on your body wishing you could literally just pinch it off? Or even worse, did you pinch your skin telling yourself it’s fat and huff in disgust? If you’re one of “those”, just stop it. It’s annoying. I dare you to try something new, and pick out ONE thing you like about your physical appearance next time you look in the mirror. And maybe the next time, find two things. (I like my brown eye and that I have long eye lashes without the help of latisse.) 😉

2. When Mary Poppins pulls out her tape measurer, there isn’t one number that even appears. She measures herself from head to toe and reads aloud, “As I expected. Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.” Ha! That makes me laugh just typing it. What would you have done with that tape? Maybe measured your height, wishing you were taller, and then moving on to taking measurements around your waist, hips and thighs? This is actually what inspired this blog….I woke up this morning and could barely make it to the bathroom, because my legs are so sore from Monday’s workout. After months of lifting no more than 3x a week, some weeks 2, and my last 2 weeks none, I am kinda regretting my lack of gym time. It hurts so bad. I forgot to weigh and measure myself on Monday as I started a new fitness journey, so I decided to do it today. I stepped on the scale and to my surprise I had lost 8 lbs since the last time i weighed back in the spring. And since April of 2013, I’m down 20 lbs. Do you wanna know the first thing that popped in my head? “You probably lost 8 pounds of muscle.” I gave myself a good butt chewing for that one, and for some reason I thought, what would this scale say if Mary Poppins pulled it out of her carpet bag? It would read, “Erin Rhoades, practically perfect in every way.” Okay, practically perfect is a bit of a stretch. I’m not that confident yet, so how about…”Erin Rhoades, beautiful, strong and blessed everyday.” I like that. 🙂 I’m also gonna measure my waist, hips, thighs, chest etc. Not so I can measure my worth according to the scale or my inches, but just to see my progress so I can properly help others in the future.



Like my hillbilly flip flop tan lines? 

3. Mary Poppins wasn’t a CEO of a major corporation. She didn’t go to college for 10 years to become a doctor or lawyer. Mary wasn’t married and she didn’t have children of her own. I’m not making light of people in these roles. These positions are VERY important, but so is the barista at Starbucks that smiles at you, makes your coffee and tells you every morning to have a good day. So is the teacher who struggles to pay her bills, but she wouldn’t change jobs for anything in the world. Mary’s soul purpose was to make the people around her happier, to kindly point out what is really important in their lives so they can prioritize accordingly. It’s not your job, what car you drive, or having the newest iPhone. It’s spending time with your family and friends. It’s loving your neighbor and lifting up the people that fall. Whatever your business card reads, whether its CEO, Dr, CPT, LMT, Mom/Dad or even Nanny. Your main job is to love the people around you and make their lives a little better.

Maybe Mary Poppins inspired me too much as a child. After all, I am a Nanny these days. I can’t slide up stairs, and I can’t sing like Julie Andrews, but last night at Kroger an older gent (that’s Poppins for gentleman) stopped to say, “I’ve passed you twice now and you’ve been humming a pretty song since you walked in here. It’s nice.” I smiled and said thank you and he walked away. I don’t plan on being a Nanny forever, although I do love it, but my next job will also be about investing time in people, and showing them how amazing they are when they can’t see it for themselves. 😉 Thanks for the life lessons, Mary.

Until next time, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, y’all.


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