Rhoades to Fitness
It's YOU vs. YOU

About Erin

My Story: I don’t wanna write this again so just copy and paste the link and you will get a good idea of where i have come from. http://www.bodybuildingworld.com/vol14_3/diet-is-key.html

a few extras about me:

  1. i don’t capitalize when typing. its a bad habit. get over it.
  2. i love God (oh i WILL capitalize when i use His name).
  3. i don’t care too much about what people think about my fashion.
  4. when my hair is up i call it my “turd”.
  5. i have the best friends and family in the world (don’t argue with me about this subject, i will win).
  6. i believe if you want something bad enough then you WILL achieve it.
  7. i want to be a firefighter.
  8. i also one day want to make the cover of oxygen and inspire people (women and men) all over to get healthy.
  9. i think the only thing keeping you from reaching your goals is YOU. don’t blame anyone else. i don’t like excuses.
  10. i love singing and don’t wear shoes when i sing at church.
  11. smiling is my favorite.
  12. i can’t dance.
  13. i don’t like talking on the phone. i prefer emails or face to face.
  14. i don’t think there is one right to anything therefore my opinions are just that, an opinion.
  15. my number one goal is to REALLY LIVE LIFE. it’s such a gift the God gave us. make the most of it.
  16. i don’t mind being alone.
  17. i can watch food network all day long.
  18. i would also like kathie lee giffords job.
  19. pajamas could be my favorite thing ever!
  20. smiling’s my favorite.
  21. i’m stopping at 21 because its my favorite number.

One Response to “About Erin”

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I see you at the gym a lot, the turd isn’t bad! šŸ™‚ you have done amazingly well with your transformation. I’d love to talk with you about this diet and how its feasible for me and exactly what I should do. You should be very proud, you look amazing.

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