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Kettlebell Kardio take 2

April 4, 2011

rain, tornados and wind…OH MY! hhmmmmm…i was in a pickle this morning. sirens were going off, rain was pouring, winds were blowing over furniture, and i had to do EMC! i could have braved it to the gym, but that would have been stupid since a tornado touched down about 8 miles from my house. […]

Weight Lifting vs. Cardio Experiment.

November 29, 2010

Does anyone else HATE wearing a heart rate monitor? Me too, so constricting! Does anyone else hate leg day? Me too, makes me wanna barf. Well, imagine how I felt today doing BOTH! BUT in the name of “proving my point”, I sucked it up and endured it for an hour of my life. I’ve […]

stupid strong shoulder day

September 21, 2010

Today’s workout with meals: 730 am: 45 minute low intensity steady state walk outside (it was gorgeous and its great prayer time!). followed by a delishes cup of coffee. 9 am meal 1: 4 extra large egg whites plus one whole egg (over medium the ONLY way to eat a whole egg). 1/2 c oats […]

“I don’t wanna look like a man”

September 13, 2010

I can’t tell you how many times women have approached me on advice on how to tone up or put on muscle, and somewhere in the middle of the conversation I will ALWAYS hear…”I don’t wanna look like a man, with bulky muscles”. Obviously, if this girl is coming to me for advice, they see […]

Lying Leg Curls

August 26, 2010

Just an exercise tip: today was leg day and i ended my session with lying leg curls. me and my good friend Brenda were talking about this a couple of weeks ago so i thought i’d share… to properly execute and fire those hamstrings, really focus on keeping your feet loose during the full motion […]


August 12, 2010

question! would you shoot a basketball without focusing on the hoop and where you want it to go before releasing it? or would you fill out a multiple choice test without reading and focusing on the question before answering? of course not. that would be stupid and the end result…FAIL! well, the same thing applies […]


July 23, 2010

have you ever heard the phrase “Bo Knows”? well i don’t think sooooo…wanna know how knows?¬†JOE KNOWS!!!!! JOE DANIELS AT SWING THIS STUDIO THAT IS…. five days! starting about 2 hours after working out at “swing this studio” in latonia, i couldn’t even cut my steak…which was very tender to begin with. my sore body […]

The Best Medicine

May 25, 2010

I’m in love love love with the medicine ball. I’ve just recently started dabbling with it more, when trying to find a good finishing exercise for shoulders. What I discovered is that it KILLED my shoulders, gave me a total body workout, got my heart pumping harder than a sprint on the treadmill, and also […]